The Journal of the BD – 11 July 2019 –


Published on Jul 11, 2019


The new volume of the Italian author very much appreciated, Cosimo Ferri; fly, then, from Greek mythology to the first aerial battles.

The weekly ranking from 24 to 30 June, confirms the first place of Blake and Mortimer, followed by the first volume of a new fantasy series for Delcourt:

1) Le Dernier Pharaon, une aventure de Blake et Mortimer, François Schuiten, Jaco Van Dormael and Thomas Gunzig and Laurent Durieux, Éditions Blake et Mortimer.

2) Les Légendaires: les chroniques de Darkhell tome 1, Ténébris, Patrick Sobral and Orpheelin, éditions Delcourt.

3) Mortelle Adele, tome 16, Jurassic Mamie, Diane Le Feyer, Mr Tran and Clémence Sapin, éditions Bayard Jeunesse, collection Globulle.

4) Les Cahiers d Esther, tome 4, Histoires de mes 13 ans, Riad Sattouf, Allary éditions.

5) Retour sur Aldébaran, tome et épisode 2, Leo, les éditions Dargaud.

6) Mages, tome 1, Aldoran, Jean-Luc Istin and Kyko Duarte, éditions Soleil.

7) Elfes', tome 25, Vengeance noire, Christophe Arleston and Dana Dimat, éditions Soleil.

8) Nains, tome 15, Oboron du bouclier, Nicolas Jarry & Nicolas Demare, éditions Soleil.

9) Les aventures de Laink & Terracid tome 2, Wankil Studio, Michel Lafon.

10) Bug, tome 2, Enki Bilal, éditions Casterman.

A history of the pilots brings us to the beginning of aerial adventures with this third volume, thanks to Thierry Lamy and Cédric Fernandez (Glénat, euro 13,90).

The real drivers take it all from the top... Even death.

Struck during the attack of the zeppelin, the Marais is missing in action... Nobody knows if he's dead or captured by the enemy, and then the Captain Ackerman decides to put Lafitte on the head of the Raiders. The young pilot must put aside his lonely character and rushing to be at the height of the situation. And, above all, to be able to resist the charm of the beautiful Gabrielle, the lover, in tears, of his rival...

With Raucheurs de Vent, Thierry Lamy immerses us in the exciting universe of the first air battles and their pioneers with a courage as exemplary. A story of camaraderie and rivalry with a romantic spirit, amplified by the capacity of Cédric Fernandez (Saint-Exupéry), and from his knowledge of the design aircraft.

The tome four of Bouche d'ombre the end of the saga of Carole Martinez and Maud Begon; the volume will be released on the 21st of August, Casterman euro 17,00.

The unraveling of the fantastic and the historical saga of Carole Martinez.
Paris, the ’80s, the world of the high school girl Lou changes, when a seance turns into drama. Her friend Marie-Rose commits suicide and the real is full of ghosts. Lou would make him a sacrifice? And what mysteries are hidden in the family past?
This touching Volume 4 reveals the secret key of the story, with a final journey that leads Lou in the heart of the 16th century Issenheiem in the footsteps of the painter Grunewald and in the time of the witch-hunt.

Medea is one of the most tragic and dark in the Greek mythology; but if it had not been all his fault? Listen to this, thanks to Casterman his version, out on August 28.

An epic final flaming: the whole truth about a free woman, well-educated and assassin.
Who he really was, Medea? A loving mother and a lover who follows his desires, so much so that his passion makes them lose the way? A free woman who rejects the tyranny of men? A barbara that has come to confuse the rest of the civilized world of the greeks? A witch formidable, lover of the occult forces? A monster, simply? To solve this mystery, it is Medea that is being heard, with the novelist Blandine Le Callet and the illustrator Nancy Peña: after the slanders and distortions in the course of time, Medea tells the story of his true history, from the lush gardens of her childhood in Colchis to the mysterious island where he offers his confession, the final on his unforgivable act of killing her two children.

Cosimo Ferri brings us the second volume of his version of the erotic in Homer's Iliad: the result is a work that is rich and grandiose that will delight lovers of history and literature. The volume is presented in two versions, one for Taboo and a more soft, both in output on the 21st of August for Amazon (but in France on the 16th of July).

Planned in three volumes, the first volume narrates the genesis of the Greek hero. It turns out his divine birth, his youth under the education of the centaur Chiron and his departure for Troy. At the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, parents of Achilles, all the gods were invited except Eris, goddess of discord. For revenge, throws a golden apple with the words: “The most beautiful”. Three goddesses claimed the fruit: hera, Athena and Aphrodite. To put an end to the dispute, Zeus instructs the mortal Paris to choose the winner. The young man gives the apple to Aphrodite, goddess of love, who promised him in exchange for the eternal love of Elena. But she is married to the king of Sparta, Menelaus. Paris starts the war, the most famous Greek because the principles they had sworn to support him that he would marry Elena. Menelaus will then go in war, surrounded by the greatest heroes: Odysseus, Ajax... and Achilles. The Trojan war is coming...

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