The Journal of the BD – 10 January 2019 –


Published on Jan 10, 2019


We return with the new year and we present some of the innovations, trying to satisfy all types of readers, as well as a beautiful volume encyclopedic for all lovers of Largo Winch.

For the screenplay of Léo Malet and the drawings of Nicolas Barral, on an original idea by the Late, Casterman presents Nestor Burma – Volume 12 – the Corrida at the Champs-Elysées.

Starting from 9 January 2019 you'll find it in the sale at a price of eur 18.00.

The new volume of the famous series of the genre crime sees Burma behind the scenes of the seventh art.

In the ’50s, Burma comes by chance from a mission very pleasant, by the guard of the body of a starlet of the film which, of course, falls in love with. Not too desired, has extended his stay at the hotel Champs-Elysees where his client has lived and conducted some of the previews, at the invitation of his friend covet by, journalist of the Label. When an actress is found dead from an overdose, he is in the first row, to put the nose in the folds of the most obscure in the world of the show.

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