The italians don't like condoms

Published on Jan 14, 2016

It is difficult to say which is the real problem of the italians with the condom. Very probably the cost, but also perhaps the unfamiliarity, the lack of knowledge of the risks of unprotected intercourse or the dangerous desire not to break the magic of certain moments. The fact is that in our Country the spread of condoms does not grow. On the contrary. The data collected by Ims Health and Nielsen emphasize that from the 11.1 million packs sold in 2007 in the pharmacy is passed to the 9.3 of 2014, while the figure for the supermarkets, remains substantially stable over the last few years, ranging between 41 and 42 million packs. Only the discount and and the product lines low-cost gaining ground, but in a way that is still not enough to compensate for the losses of other distribution channels.

Disturbing figures, which are sadly, hand-in-hand with those of the new cases of infection related to sexually transmitted diseases. Already, because thehiv is definitely the virus most well-known (in 2014 have been registratie almost 3700 new diagnosis, 84% of which are due to unprotected), but it is not the only one. Compared to the first years of 2000 have increased considerably, and cases of chlamydia – a treatable, it is true, but that can cause sterility – syphilis and. Without counting a doubling of reports of papillomavirus.

In short, the dangers seem to be far from negligible. Yet, compared to other Countries, Italy does not seem to be entirely serene vis-à-vis condom & co. Awareness-raising initiatives are scarce, as well as projects related to the education of young people. Result: the average expenditure per-capita in the condoms of an Italian is less than half of that of a british citizen, and is still lower than that of the French and germans. A result that we certainly can not be a source of pride.


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