The Italian national and the other between the present and the future

Published on Sep 09, 2018

The Italian national and the other between the present and the future

The Italian national team but not only with the first round of the Nation League tries to open a new chapter after a bad period.

Many changes to the bench as well as that of the Italian national team. Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Iceland etc. for various reasons they have changed the ct with different results.

Mancini has declared that the tournament will be a tour of the experimental test to test the players and modules in view of the next european tournament and especially the world, avoiding the third place of the group that is relegation. Assuming there is a next Nations League, the third place would still be a bad picture.

Ballotelli lost to the field, except for a few bursts. Its admirers at all costs in the federation are surely disappointed. Italy is in a strange situation of a generation. Some “old” retired and the other now useless for the 2022 and probably also for 2020. There is a list of young people into the Church and Donnarumma on all of them) that have the defect of being often the “olympic” that is, they are potentially eligible to play for the olympic team in 2020. The Italian national team u21 playing at home in the european championship valid as olympic qualification.

Except Donnarumma remove several players to the u21 often to bring their bench in the national team (Cutrone, a Church, a Stretcher, etc.) can be counter productive. 60-70 minutes with the u21 apply to do experience more than 180 minutes on the bench with Mancini.

Mini revolution going on in Spain. After the change of coach and 9 players in the list of 23 for the world cup were excluded for the races in September. Three retired, Silva, Pique, and Iniesta. Among others not called up Reina and Jordi Alba. The victory against England at Wembley seems like a good place to start.

After a period of rather dark, and the Netherlands again with a new coach and a group complicated against France and Germany. A long list of pre-selected with no real surprises. The potential is there but the league is almost impossible. The Netherlands a view of 12 months ago would not have, and it would be arrived the third, Koeman was certainly not an easy task.

England has retained the coach after a very good world. Retired from the national Vardy, while Hart seems to be permanently excluded. Lack of new faces in the middle of the field with 9 midfielders and strikers with 28 average attendance in the national team.

Croatia, who will be making her debut against Spain would be conditioned by withdrawals and injuries. Out Kramaric, Rebic and Lovren. Also have left the national Subasic, Corluka, and the French powerhouse. Kalinic, who plays in Belgium will be the new goalkeeper while Modric remains the captain.

Germany with Low confirmed must get up after a bad world. Among the excluded Khedira and Hector (117 appearances in two). Also excluded Can and Gotze now not called by ten months. Three new faces in defence, while in midfield maybe will have a few minutes of space in the field of the young (19 years old) Havertz.

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