The Italian is the fourth most studied language in the world. In Florence, for the first time, the States-General

Published on Oct 15, 2014

It is the fourth language in the world, the eighth most used on Facebook and has a potential pool of affected 250 million people. The importance of the Italian language, has led the ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation International, in collaboration with the presidency of the Council of Ministers, department for Information and Publishing, to create a communication campaign to share with the citizens of its relevance in the world, and inform them about the convening, for the first time, of the States-General of the Italian language in the world that will take place in Florence on 21 and 22 October. The satisfaction of the Accademia della Crusca on the next States-General of the Italian language of Florence. “It's a nice idea to focus on the Italian language through a survey that involves many institutions that deal with language – it tells the Adnkronos the President of the Accademia della Crusca, Claudio Marazzini -to value the language as a resource for the Italian system, exit the common place according to which the only resource is abandon it and use, for example, English”. The Italian, still says Marazzini, “however, is a precious resource, even in an economic horizon. I believe that the States-General, in addition to promoting it, will also have the great role to give the italians a consciousness of the value and dignity of its language, The social framework of the understanding of the Italian language in the beautiful Country. “Our language is demonstrating a great vitality, because he knows how to renew itself, and spread-underlines Nicoletta Maraschio, that of the Accademia della Crusca is the President Emeritus – and then she can become also the language of the other, we see him through the school and with the problem of new minorities”. About, however, is the ability to use effective of Italian in our country, “unfortunately there are too many inequalities in the various parts of Italy – notes Maraschio – or between the various generations. The ability of understanding of language, a conscious use of it to achieve certain purposes is particularly poor. “There is still people who has difficulty to understand the articles of the newspapers – says Maraschio -. It is not a novelty, but in a moment in which the languages have a function that is so important in communication is a paradox that our language is not spoken and written in an appropriate way”. The Italian language is in fourth place among the languages studied in the world. According to the latest data provided by the foreign ministry, the Italian passing from the fifth to the fourth place among the most popular languages in the world, with a total of 687mila foreign students, located in 134 Italian schools abroad, 81 institutions, of culture, 176 Universities and numerous public and private entities. Students are always less than the descendants of Italian immigrants, but more and more chinese, arabs and russians. To get on the books are people who want to get the residence permit, but also young and less young people with a passion for our culture. The Italian language in France. “The Italian in France and lived with a lot of curiosity, " explains Marina Valensise, director of Italian Institute of Culture in Paris. Here, we record from two years a big increase in enrolments to the courses, which are taught by professors recruited for the contest, and also an increase in language training to be applied, which we organize in the field of music, opera, theatre, cinema, art history and archaeology, and even the kitchen, which attracts the most curious”. Just think , he adds, that “our budget is at 70%, due to the language courses”. Why this “boom” of interest for the Italian language in France? “Italy, despite all its difficulties, is a great cultural power, it observed, Valensise, but it is unaware. Attracts people who love the culture, the landscape, the beautiful, the taste: Paris is the capital of culture, so we are in a privileged position”. In addition, “the French by a few years, have begun to lose their self-centeredness, and have more attention towards the other countries and Italy is more near for so many reasons”. The influence of Italian spoken by Pope Francis in official occasions. There are many factors that affect the “passion”, even abroad, for our language, and is not excluded that the figure of Pope Francis, with his Italian spoken in official occasions, has had its weight. “The Pope has had an enormous impact, " admits Claudio Marazzini -even if the italians do not realize this. For example, any vatican of the world if you want to ‘enter’ the good in what the Pope says a little bit of Italian, the must chew. Not only the prelates, therefore, are forced to speak it, but even those who follow him”. Finally, the communication campaign of the Ministry for the Italian language, which is based on a tv commercial and on the initiatives of the revitalisation of the message through the web, aims to spread awareness of the importance of our language in the world and to inform about the event in Florence, with the aim to indicate the possible strategies for the spread of the language. (ADNKRONOS)

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