The Italia cup, the Awakening of the Weakness

Published on Dec 17, 2015

Alexandria, la Spezia and Carpi to the quarter-finals of the Coppa Italia. And the League had done everything possible to avoid that a “small” to go forward? As he rightly pointed out, the Christian Cats on the Corsera, “the last of the (hawkish) touches on the tournament have served to put the light out into the field against the big, which is already ahead in the turns, in order not to tire the vip. The result? The football mignon ridicules the maxicalcio... And if we were to do that the poor don't they play more?”.

And if instead we change the ruling class?, the great thinkers?, the “speculators” of a legacalcio that should be immediately commissariata?

Have you seen how little people went to the stadium Tuesday and Wednesday? And do not tell me to say that it is the fault of the times or, as explained Baldissoni of Rome, “of the difficulties of access to the plants derived from the new regulations on security”: at the Olympic stadium, there were 1500 fans in la spezia. The only truth, the answer, is that the people have the pockets full and the show was badly organized and qualitatively unworthy, impoverished at the start. The same television stations that pay millions of euro to lead us there, while maintaining the entire system, they are tired of throwing money for events without appeal, and I would not be surprised if in the future expects the reopened of the agreements.

To be clear: rooting openly for Alexandria, la Spezia and Carpi, for those who do not surrender to the evidence of technical and economic, to the revenue; I support a football scratch the “powerful” highlighting the inability. But I would like it much more linear, honest, and more at the service of the people. A football can also submit a coppa Italia that is not issued as has been the case for years – ridiculed by the comparison with the FA Cup, Copa del Rey, DFB-All.

PS. And don't tell me about Calais, and West Bromwich: be serious.


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