The island of the famous: Bettarini pulls up her dress to Marcuzzi! (VIDEO)

Published on Apr 14, 2017

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Nice theater during the latest installment of the Famous Island, which aired Wednesday evening; Stefano Bettarini has taken in the arms of Alessia Marcuzzi by making her do a twirl and holding them up, unintentionally, the dress.

Alessia Marcuzzi has played down the incident, asking Vladimir Luxuruia if you had seen something, the columnist has joked in turn suggesting the presenter to do as Laura Pausini, during a live, in Spain, there was presented in the bathrobe and, not wanting to, he had shown his private parts to the public, saying mo jo la tengo como todas“. A final is a little strange then, also in the name of these interludes spicy that obviously attract, however, the public, and help to lift the audience.

On the other hand it is not surprising, for these scenes so outside the box, we are talking about the island of the famous, a reality show full of moments trash who want to make the audience laugh.
We note that the transmission ended with the victory of Raz Degan, with a televoting which showed the great affection that the audience felt towards the castaway.

If you want to enjoy the full scene aired Wednesday evening, CLICK HERE

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