The island of the Famous 2019: two great friends to the televoting, that's who


Published on Mar 19, 2019


If a competitor has just left The Island of the Famous 2019, another one soon will leave the reality show Mediaset just a step away from the semi-final. In the course of the episode of 18 march, an unusual round of nominations, he outlined a situation of stalemate so exaggerated as to force the leader of the week to decide themselves both the names of the two castaways who are in the televoting for the whole week.

Discover in detail how they went the facts and who is at risk of elimination...

This week all competitors were able to make the nomination in secret. From Luca Vismara who is voting for Marco Maddaloni because, in his words, not stood up sharply when there are discussions (“Is always with a foot in two shoes” she claims). Marina La Rosa vote for Riccardo fogli, alleging she the same detached attitude, and indeed “too diplomatic”, when it is discussed.

Marco Maddaloni remains “steady and consistent” with its past voting: rename Luca Vismara that spread too much venom and creates discord among the castaways. Sarah Altobello appointment rate Aaron Nielsen (but on the sheet he writes, “Aroon”) because if someone were to get to the final, would like to get there with who has the most confidence and sympathy.

Aaron Nielsen reciprocates the favor and vote for Sarah Altobello. The sixth and last nomination is that of Riccardo fogli, which appoints Marina La Rosa, with whom he had quarreled in the palapa.

The situation is one of perfect equality: all the castaways have a vote. To dissolve each of the reserve is the leader Soleil Sorgè: relied on by Alessia Marcuzzi, the former suitor of Men and Women is his prevedibilissima choice by sending the televoting Luca Vismara and Marina La Rosa. The latter were often leagued against the Sorgé and she wanted to repay with the same coin, the two friends of the Island. Who will be eliminated?

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