The Island of the Famous 2019: The Sisters Later deleted, refuse as well the second


Published on Feb 28, 2019


The Island of the Famous, or The Island of the bored? Also this week the contestant eliminated from the reality show Mediaset has rejoiced in you will see that the public house has decided to throw him out of the game... on the contrary, to beat her out of the game. Eh yes, because to leave the program, in the episode aired on February 27, 2019, was not a single crisis but two: the Sisters Later.

In the last appointment with The Island of the Famous, the nomination of the castaways they had brought to the televoting for the first time the Sisters Mihajlović: the two girls have often been accused of not involved on a regular basis to the activities to be shipwrecked; and with them also the former friend of Mary Luca Vismara, with which they formed the chatted “Group nap”. To the two, it is added to the televoting also Riccardo fogli.

Since the same evening, the Sisters Later have repeatedly stressed the desire to return home. On the contrary, the other two castaways were interested to continue their adventure in Honduras. The verdict of the public, therefore, could not be discounted...

Having to leave the Palapa with 51% of the votes and televoting three) are of course the Sisters Later.

As usual, the contestants eliminated have been brought on The Island that is not There to ask them if they want to continue their experience on another island, waiting for a possible repechage that the swaps are officially in the race.

The Sisters Later have not even wanted to know who and how many other castaways remained on this special island: the two girls they immediately explained that they want to return in Italy. The same as Alessia Marcuzzi has to throw up his hands declaring that he would never find arguments able to change the idea of the two sisters.

On The Island that There is still Stefano Bettarini and Kaspar Capparoni.

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