The island of the famous 2019, the final: tonight the winner live on Channel 5


Published on Apr 01, 2019


Everything is ready for the final of the famous Island in 2019. The castaways have arrived in Italy and prepare for the challenge live, which will see them once again protagonists. The televoting, then the new tests and finally even the desire of the audience at home will choose the winner of this year 2019 of the reality of Channel 5. A edition not-too-bright, not the case, it seems that Mediaset has decided to send in the cellar, at least for some time the format. But back to the end of the Island in the air today 1 April 2019, what will happen? Let's find out your with the latest news on today's episode live as always on Channel 5 from about 21: 30.

Of course, at the helm of an episode of the today of the famous Island 2019 Alessia Marcuzzi flanked by Alda d'eusanio, and Alba Parietti. Return to Milan and also Alvin.

It will be an episode long that that we will see in the broadcast tonight and also full of things to tell and to say. Moreover, with 4 returns, and the finalists to be accepted in the study, it could actually happen to all. Return to Italy, after having spent many days in solitary on the Last beach, also called the Island that is not there, Stefano Bettarini and Kaspar Capparoni. The two that were born in Honduras, in Italy reveal what was the secret to getting agreement without giving coconuts in the head?

And surely a sign in this monotonous edition of the reality show of Channel 5 Riccardo fogli and Soleil Is on the left, in a different way. The former suitors of Men and Women for its strength but also for the antipathy that knows how to attract. Riccardo fogli was the protagonist of a scandal that probably pulls again on his return to the everyday life.

And let's not forget that Soleil will review Jeremias in Italy after the nights hot in Honduras...

But obviously, the great anticipation for this final of the famous Island 2019 is all for the name of the winner of this edition. Sarah Altobello would be the candidate perfect if it were not that, as we well know, in the end the physical evidence are very important and the double of Melania Trump has not shone for his talents. But it could actually Seems that this evening we will witness a trial of apnea to overcome. Who will triumph?

To find out who will win this edition of the famous Island 2019 appointment on Channel 5 with the live final starting at 21.30.

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