The island of the famous 2019 second bet: Greece in the nomination alone, you wait for Sunday


Published on Feb 01, 2019


What happened in the second installment of the famous Island 2019 aired on the 31st of January 2019? Who are the nominees of this second appointment? The bet is closed in fact with an ad Alessia Marcuzzi: this week we will be off Thursday, but will wait for the episode on Sunday to choose the second name that will go to the televoting with Grecia Colmenares. The beautiful actress has been chosen by Paolo Brosio, who, after winning the trial by fire has become the leader of the week. Actually Paul does not like the presence of Greece on the Island. Before leaving for the test leader when he discovered that there was in Greece in his team would not have wanted to even participate and also thanks to her, the team has won. But this did not change the idea to Paolo Brosio who have voted.

The competitors that are finished instead of in the group of pirates have made the name of Demeter.

When there are a few minutes to take off the nomination. Those pirates will be secret. The first to be called in the station is Richard: appointment of Demeter. Then the sisters Later: appoint Demeter because “we were in different islands, and we had no way of ricrederci [...] He said “these bimbette hate”...”. Luca Vismara: appointment of Demeter because you “should make peace with herself before with the others.”

The name given to you by the leader Paul, however, goes directly to the televoting. His choice, clear, falls on Greece “to go on a good machine”. Anyone who has followed the day time, this week has seen that Greece is not included in the group, spends many hours alone and you are not at all integrated, on the contrary. Many of the comrades, it must be said, often take around. It's then all the choices of the crew, that – by regulation – should be taken before that of the leader.

Surprise, Marcuzzi explain that the nomination will continue in the bet on Sunday. The Colmenares, therefore, will go to the televoting, but doesn't know with who, will find out in the episode on Sunday.

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