The island of the Famous 2019: Riccardo fogli does not believe that Fabrizio Corona but feels bad


Published on Mar 05, 2019


As already revealed in the advances official, in the episode aired on march 4, de The Island of the Famous 2019, the castaway Riccardo fogli has had the opportunity to discuss, once again, the case of the alleged betrayal set in motion by his wife; a betrayal that, according to various gossip, perdurerebbe even four years. Deeply embittered by this infamy, in an old confessional, the singer was said to challenge the one who launched these allegations on behalf of his wife... and the authors of the reality show Mediaset is not if they are made to repeat two times: it is checked Fabrizio Corona.

The moment it was introduced in the studio with Alessia Marcuzzi. Then, the link with the Palapa: the host has invited Richard Sheets to go in the area of the nomination to discuss the issue. After a brief review, Alessia Marcuzzi reveal to Riccardo fogli, that he who has pulled out of the gossip, the betrayal of his wife is Fabrizio Corona, and that the latter has recorded a video message to him addressed.

Therefore, it aired the above video message: “You have to learn, even if you've done the singer for 70 years, in the moment when you decide to get in the game in a reality, you have to accept everything that is published“ – says Fabrizio Corona – “And if thou wife, my friend, has betrayed you for four years... And if the papers of information, even gossip, the publish you have to learn to accept it. You should not have to go on television [...] I in this tablet I have proof of the betrayal of your wife with my friend Giampaolo. And not for one, for two or for three but for four years!”.

The message of Fabrizio Corona concludes thus: “Now, a man of 45 years who has also done many years of jail, in the moment in which we are moving towards the old age and prefer to be with young women, all of this we must accept it. But in the end there is: in the end, we are a bit’ all horned up, Richard. Remember“.

Ended the video message, Riccardo fogli has not bowed to the provocation and reiterated that do not believe this gossip. Greeted Alessia Marcuzzi, however, the man felt bad: Ghezzal and Alvin are the courses to give him comfort.

Never like this time to The Island of the Famous have exaggerated.

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