The island of the famous 2019 ratings flop, The Red door 2 cala: the public does not like?


Published on Feb 21, 2019


Don't shine in the ratings Wednesday night and didn't shine in the ratings of reality and fiction. The Red door 2, that was a game with great ratings, in line with those who were the data of the first season, and loses the audience along the way. And things are not better, to the Island of the famous who collects the ratings lower in this edition 2019. There is no attempts to change things, with the gossip, real or alleged, and the addition of new competitors.

We analyze separately the two cases.

We said last year: the authors and producers must have the courage to say no, say enough is enough. The Red Door could enjoy his resounding success two years ago, after having conquered the without if and without but the audience of Rai 2. And instead we are left overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of those who ask for the sequel, of those who still want to review the stories of the protagonists. But then, in front of the tv, someone is less. And the ratings drop, and it comes to the flop even if there is a real reason seen that in this second season, there are all the ingredients of the first. Certainly the story holds less, the curiosity is different, and the series knows of something already seen. We let a first time Cagliostro and the possibility that a girl could speak with the dead. To do so a second is not the same.

The Red Door 2 has affected 2.584.000 spectators equal to the 10.2% share. ( data as of February 20, 2019)

It's a shame because obviously with The Red door we are talking about a series of level. Things, however, they are complicated in wanting to insist. Better quit before you stretch the broth. It is never-ending of to say.

The most interesting thing about this edition of the famous Island in 2019? The advertisements broadcast between one space and the other that allows us to see what they do on the other channels. This edition does not take off and perhaps, it is not the fault of anyone. The public is tired of seeing the same stories, seeing the same events, created ad hoc, to bring the discussion and the castaways are not really anything interesting on the Island. And a month has passed since the first episode, and still today, the public does not know the names of the competitors and distinguishes the “two sisters, the daughters of sinisa mihajlovic who”...To Short, an edition flop from every point of view.

The Island of the Famous has gathered in front of the video 2.601.000 spectators equal to 14.4% of share. ( data as of February 20, 2019)

The two case are completely different because The red door is a great product, the Island makes water from all sides. But the fate is the same. We'll see if the next Wednesday, without Juve in the Champions league, things will get better.

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