The island of the Famous 2019: Paolo Brosio deleted 2 times, out also against Bettarini


Published on Mar 19, 2019


Continues with a lot of effort, the adventure of the castaway de The Island of the Famous 2019: the competitors are now fighting over a few pieces of coconut, the evidence leader is won always by the same person by more than one month (i.e. from Soleil Sorgè, always immune), and the dynamics of the race are reduced really to the bone. Deleted the Figureheads and the Coconut Golden, the only dynamic of the game remained active is that of the elimination by the televoting... and this time a competitor had to leave the palapa: here's who it is.

Throughout the week the televoting has seen in a direct challenge two shipwrecked: the former contestant of Friends Luca Vismara and the conductor Paolo Brosio. Alessia Marcuzzi has revealed to direct the result of the vote from the house, having to leave the Palapa is Paolo Brosio, much to the surprise of some of his companions.

At this point – with little surprise to the public from the house – the man had to reach The Island that There is no where to wait for him there were two competitors, “discontinued”: Stefano Bettarini and Caspar Kapparoni.

As is customary, to Paolo Brosio was not explained what The Island that is not There and asked if she wanted to continue her experience in the program in this new location. The man has not made to repeat two times: he immediately accepted the proposal.

Of course, the competitors hanging can only be two and, therefore, Alessia Marcuzzi has launched a new televoting flash to decide who of the three should immediately leave the Island that's not There.

At midnight, the tv presenter has unveiled the new verdict of the public at home. Having to leave for ever the reality show Mediaset is Paolo Brosio. Half-way between amused and annoyed, to Paolo Brosio it has not remained anything else to do if not to collect his bag, and climb back aboard the punt. Capparoni and Bettarini you “enjoy” another week of the Island of the Famous...

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