The island of the Famous 2019: nominated, all men in the televoting!


Published on Mar 05, 2019


He also completed the eighth episode in the first evening de The Island of the Famous 2019: the reality show Mediaset, hosted by Alessia Marcuzzi. For the first time, the televoting – and therefore at risk of elimination – there goes a trio made only by the shipwrecked men. Who are they? And who has sent them under the judgment of the public at home? Here's how were the nominations...

Ten of the nominations to be done and, also this week, all the votes have been made in a rather big way. To open the dances is Paolo Brosio who vote for Ghezzal because of a discussion on the food had weeks ago. Marina La Rosa vote for Ghezzal, explaining he has lost the complicity which he had with him from the beginning.

Ariadna Romero is a vote for Aaron Nielsen because it “has less oomph compared to the other players,” he explains. Ghezzal rate Luca Vismara, because “he always puts the weeds” (and the affected person confirms it (smiling). Riccardo fogli rate Marina La Rosa out of spite: he appointed last week.

Jo Squillo vote for Aaron by motives that are really not very credible. After Sarah Altobello: she is voting for Aaron, explaining, however, that “at the level of empathy, has no verve. I do not stimulates even hormone or whatever”.

Marco Maddaloni rate Luca Vismara, because it breaks the harmony in the group. Aaron returns the favor and vote for Jo Squillo. It is not less Luca Vismara pointing the finger at Ghezzal. The nominations for the apparent end here: three votes for Ghezzal and three votes for Aaron Nielsen; they are the first two castaways who are officially in the televoting.

At this point it's up to the Leader of the week – for the umpteenth time Soleil Sorgé – decides which third-castaway send to risk elimination. The young man opts for Luca Vismara: “I Hope the audience at home understands that his evil is not good, [ ... ] send it because I really don't like it!“.

In summary: the televoting this week we find three men, or Ghezzal, Aaron Nielsen, and Luca Vismara. Who will be eliminated?

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