The island of the Famous 2019: Marco Maddaloni, marriage proposal live


Published on Apr 02, 2019


Unexpected in the unexpected during the final de The Island of the Famous 2019. The super-finalist Marco Maddaloni was the protagonist of one last surprise before finding out the final verdict of the televoting: he met his sister, she received a video message from his father (who is joined in the studio) and was able to return to the embrace of his girlfriend; with her, the man has made a surprise marriage proposal...

It all started almost in surprise, as if nothing had really been prepared in advance. In the excitement of meeting relatives, in the center of the study of The Island of the Famous 2019 has been invited also the girlfriend of Marco Maddaloni alias Romina Giamminelli.

At that point, Alessia Marcuzzi has asked the survivor if it is true that he had brought with him from Honduras something to show to the public. He has pulled out of the pocket of the swimsuit a kind of ring made with the material picked up on the beaches of Cayo Cochinos: pieces of coconut, rope and part of a shell.

“She is a great woman. Has a heart so big... that made me fall in love more and more. When you coming to Honduras, I was hoping that someone would iron out because I more. Then, like magic, I understood that I had to continue this path,” he revealed to the judoka.

Then he added: “On the island, I made this thing which I think I got good...” – pulling out of the ring by a bag – “she and I, we never really got married. And even when there was the time, for various situations, we never were able to do so. This year we make ten years of engagement, and I would be happy, that day, on the 14th of July, to ensure that her parents can see her in the white dress,“ said Marco Maddaloni, kneeling in the presence of his girlfriend.

Romina Giamminelli has obviously accepted. A double victory for the sport, saw also the triumph scored after an hour.

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