The Island of the Famous 2019: Marco Maddaloni in the televoting and Luca Vismara and Giorgia


Published on Feb 14, 2019


The circle narrows, and week after week it becomes more difficult to make the nominations: - know the castaways remained on The Island of the Famous 2019, that they had to send to the televoting, the three other castaways. The first two are selected by nomination of the entire group, and a third pulled out at its discretion from the leader of the week.

Surprisingly, among the three names, is also the one of Marco Maddaloni: the judoka, who is working to keep the group survivors uk and rifocillato.

In the first instance, have been carried out, the nominations secret, assigned to extraction at 4 shipwrecked: Marco Maddaloni, Aaron Nielsen, Giorgia Venturini and the new entry Ariadna Romero.

He appoints Luca Vismara: his is a heart choice, the former Friends of Maria is too tried from the discomfort of reality. The same nomination will also Ariadna Romero. Aaron Nielsen, instead, the appointment Giorgia Venturini with which one is not able to make friends. Giorgia appoints Marco Maddaloni because he did not like his leadership.

Following the nominations are obvious. The most nominated is definitely Giorgia, who won five more votes to his name there are also Ghezzal, Navy, Pink, Luca Vismara, Riccardo fogli, Paolo Brosio and Jo Squillo. The sisters Mihajlović and Jeremias Rodriguez vote Stefano Bettarini for the chaos that broke out in the bet on the wheel of the rice. And just the ex-footballer, instead, vote for another alpha male: Marco Maddaloni.

Ultimately, the two names chosen by the group are Giorgia Venturini (with seven votes) and Marco Maddaloni (with three votes). The third name he chooses the Leader of the week – alias Soleil Sorgè – and with no little treachery choose to send the televoting Luca Vismara.

The episode of 13 of February de The Island of the Famous 2019, therefore, closes with the opening of a new hard televoting: who will have to leave the main beach (and joining The Island that is not there by Kaspar Capparoni) between Marco Maddaloni, Luca Vismara and Giorgia Venturini?

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