The island of the Famous 2019: Luca Vismara is the finalist of “fished out”


Published on Mar 26, 2019


After the chain of saves, to The Island of the Famous 2019 that it has triggered a real chain of deletions. In the course of the semi-finals of the 25th of march, the castaways were still in the game have had to take tests, apply for immunity but also to be able to decide which opponent to send a televoting flash.

The first to exit, however, was Luca Vismara who has lost in the televoting against the friend of the heart of Marina La Rosa. The two are auto-renamed Jean-Claude and Mother, as the characters of Sensuality to the Court. And yet, in spite of having been the first to leave the palapa, something he has started to turn in the right direction...

Luca Vismara has had access to The Island that is not There and has accepted to stay there waiting for the super-off final. The same fate has happened to Riccardo fogli (up to the televoting against Aaron Nielsen after the first physical evidence) and at Soleil Sorgè (exit defeat from the televoting against Sarah Altobelli after the second test of intelligence and agility, won by Marina La Rosa).

Luca Vismara, Riccardo fogli, Soleil Sorgè you are united to the two inhabitants de The Island that There is Stefano Bettarini and Kaspar Capparoni: all five are finished in a single large televoting, which has awarded the competitor of the most beloved with the official return in the game.

These were the results of the televoting: acceptable only by 9% of televoting Kaspar Capparoni; in the fourth place Riccardo fogli with 14%, dates back to the ranking Stefano Bettarini, who must settle for the 17%. Nothing was done to Soleil Sorgè, which comes in second with 27%. Back in the game – and, thus, to be elected a finalist – is Luca Vismara, with 33% of preferences.

The young man returned to the great surprise in the Palapa during the nth trial by fire, valid for the election of the last Leader de L'isola dei famosi 2019. To win the test was Marina La Rosa.

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