The island of the famous 2019 latest news: Marco Maddaloni announces his decision in the day time


Published on Mar 22, 2019


Yesterday morning we told you about a very sad news. On social in fact, Clemente Russo had made it known that the grandmother of his wife was coming to miss. The news has made the rounds of all the sites of information and those that deal with tv because as you know, the wife of Clemente Russo, is also the sister of Marco Maddaloni, a competitor of the famous Island in 2019. We asked ourselves what would be the reaction of Mark, in front of the news of the death of his grandmother. Go back to Italy or to continue this adventure in Honduras? This morning came the press release from the part of the production of the famous Island in 2019 with the latest news concerning this event.

The production is to know that the audience that follows The Island of the famous 2019, will discover that that is the decision of Marco in the episode of the day time in the air today 22 march 2019 on Channel 5.

The production of the famous Island is also know that Marco was immediately informed of this mourning. You can read on the official website of the Island:

The editors of the#Island is obviously intervened to advise the survivor about what happened. As it appeared in several websites and magazines, the grandmother of the judoka is switched off at the age of 97 years on the night between 20 and 21 March.

The production also explains that Mark, before leaving for Honduras that he had said goodbye to his grandmother, knowing that poor health could also take it away while he was not there.

Once you have learned the sad news, Mark tells us in a confessional that his grandmother was in ill health; before the departure, he had made a visit together to the bisnipotino John.

In the day time on the Island we will discover the one that will be the decision of Mark. Maybe his grandmother and his family would like the sample to remain in the game and win it in his memory. The journey from Honduras to Italy may or may not allow Marco to give a last farewell to his grandmother, for this is the champion of Judo may decide to stay in the game and win for you!

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