The Island of the Famous 2019: Kaspar Capparoni in the televoting with Sarah and Yuri


Published on Feb 11, 2019


Short week for the competitors de The Island of the Famous 2019: after today's elimination of Grecia Colmenares, the new entrant eliminated will be elected from among just three days; exactly the next Wednesday 13 February, an evening which will be the new installment of the first night of the reality show Mediaset.

But who are the competitors in the televoting that between just three days risk elimination? Here's how to go for the nomination in the episode of February 10, 2019.

The nominations of this week were strongly influenced by the case of the management of the rice by Pirates in the course of the last week. The leader Marco Maddaloni – at the centre of controversy – it can't be named, so the votes of some of the castaways go on Ghezzal. Luca Vismara and Aaron Nielsen, weeks, league, vote for both of Kaspar Capparoni. The former sportsman and actor end up tied for number of votes.

Despite this, the castaway the more targeted it is, once again, Yuri Rambaldi, with ten nominations; for obvious reasons, he is the first castaway to go to the televoting.

The leader Marco Maddaloni is called in to unravel the tie between Ghezzal and Kaspar Capparoni, in addition to making his third name that goes to the direct risk elimination.

With not a few second thoughts, the man sends it to the televoting Kaspar Capparoni and decides as the third name of driving in basto to the judgment of the public, the showgirl Sarah Altobello.

In the final for the second week in a row, Yuri Rambaldi and Sarah Altobello go to the televoting against the “new entry” Kaspar Capparoni. The actor is beloved by viewers and it will be really very difficult to attempt to throw him out of the program.

It is also true that the same Yuri Ramaldi asking to be deleted because the impatient to the dynamics de of The Island of the Famous 2019. The public will decide to do that? Or will do a spite?

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