The island of the Famous 2019: Kaspar Capparoni deleted (but not all!)


Published on Feb 14, 2019


Elimination unexpected The Island of the Famous 2019! In the televoting of three between Kaspar Capparoni, Sarah Altobello and Yuri Rambaldi, the contestant eliminated by the public from home, it was just the actor: one of very few castaways who this year became known for the great efforts made in fishing.

But Kaspar Capparoni is not totally eliminated from the reality show Mediaset: for men there is a last resort available...

Kaspar Capparoni was deleted from The Island of the Famous 2019, with 40% of televoting. A percentage is not so high compared to the figures collected by the other two opponents at risk of elimination: Yuri Rambaldi had received 36% of the votes, while Sarah Altobello only 24%.

So let's say goodbye for ever to Kaspar Capparoni? But no, of course not. Also this year, The Island of the Famous 2019 he pulled out the famous Last resort, renamed for the occasion, the Island that is not There.

The actor will be staying alone for a week on this new atoll and already at the beginning of the next week will be in challenge with the eliminated from the main Island. An old mechanism that promises nothing good for the program of Channel Five.

Once unveiled the new, Kaspar Capparoni has willingly accepted this last chance to stay in the game. What did Yuri Rambaldi: deleted after a televoting flash, the young hefty is not at all pleasing to the proposal offered to him by Alessia Marcuzzi. This choice of unexpected will force the actor to inhabit this new beach.

The Island by Convicts – The Island that is not There – it promises to be yet another mechanism hackneyed that in all probability will not lead to the end of the character more fun, that does not always match with the survivor the most deserving. Of the rest, Sergio Muniz, there is only one.

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