The island of the Famous 2019: Grecia Colmenares to the televoting with Yuri and the Altobello


Published on Feb 04, 2019


Still, the travails on The Island of the Famous 2019, and – in the course of the special episode on Sunday, February 3 – the number of the shipwrecked was more at revolutionized. As was already known, as well as two new castaways officers have joined the crew: the presenter Jo Squillo and former football player Stefano Bettarini. You are also added to the two winners of the televoting Will be the Islanders and the televoting lightning, that has seen the release of the scene of Demetra Hampton. Entrants, competitors that come out: could not miss even this time the new televoting...

In the new round of nominations, the first to cast their vote were the neo-pirates chosen by Marco Maddaloni. Sarah Altobello is the girl receiving the most nominations from the group of Pirates (in detail, those of Youma Diakite, Ghezzal and Aaron Nielsen).

Not if the goes well even in the shipwrecked ex-convict Yuri Rambaldi that because of his tantrums, he is appointed by Kaspar Capparoni, Giorgia Venturini, Navy, Pink, Riccardo fogli, and even from the two new castaways Jo Squillo and Stefano Bettarini (although it is immune to have voted).

It triggers a group of nominations, actress Grecia Colmenares, who cashes due to Paul Brosio, Luca Vismara and sisters Mihajlović ends are of equal merit contra Sarah Altobello.

Maddaloni at that point he picked her up and appointed, that by default goes to the televoting for the direct – but also how to resolve the tie between the two women. How? he washes his hands: he sends to the televoting Sarah Altobello from runoff but condemnation, however, Grecia Colmenares as his name is chosen by the Leader.

The actress of the soap Grecia Colmenares, the aspirant tronista Yuri Rambaldi and the alleged impersonator's official Melania Trump aka Sarah Altobello: who of them will leave for always The Island of the Famous 2019, the next Sunday, February 10?

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