The island of the Famous 2019: Grecia Colmenares deleted


Published on Feb 11, 2019


We have not even had time to leave the peninsula, in liguria that has already dubbed move on to The Island of the Famous 2019: the reality show Mediaset, hosted by Alessia Marcuzzi. In the monotonic episode aired on 10 February, we discovered the name of the third castaway eliminated from the televoting after Taylor Mega, and Demetra Hampton. There is no two without three: this evening out was a woman...

Let's take a step back: this week in the televoting we have seen challenge, three castaways. The former “isolino” Yuri Rambaldi, the actress of the soap opera Grecia Colmenares and the showgirl Sarah Altobello. In mid-evening, Alessia Marcuzi received the envelope with the final verdict.

The first contestant to be saved was Yuri Rambaldi, who has discovered in the news with a bit of a nuisance. It is not a mystery, in fact, that the young man wants to return to Italy and is trying in all ways to convince the fellow to put him at risk of elimination.

Between Sarah Altobello and Greece Colmenare, having to leave the reality show of Channel Five is the famous actress of the soap “Topaz”.

Some of the survivors de The Island of the Famous 2019 would seem to be raised by the elimination of Grecia Colmenares from the program: in fact, the woman seems to have been caught on several occasions to carry out his need physiological near the tent where they sleep the other shipwrecked; a modus operandi that the actress has continued to perpetrate in spite of the injunctions of the other castaways.

What were the voting percentages? Grecia Colmenares has had to leave The Island of the Famous, because of the 38% of the votes of the public at home. His challengers have racked up 32% of the votes for Sarah Altobello and 30% for Yuri Rambaldi.

The next appointment with The Island of the Famous 2019 is set for next Wednesday (between only three days), always in the early evening on Channel Five.

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