The island of the Famous 2019: final risk for the two survivors, that's who goes to the televoting


Published on Mar 26, 2019


Despite having been elected in fact, the five finalists will be de, The Island of the Famous 2019, two competitors run the risk of seeing vanish from the outset any possibility to bring home the final victory in the reality show Mediaset, hosted by Alessia Marcuzzi. Who you are? To the two castaways who for this last week of transmission, are at risk of elimination because of the televoting.

Who are the two shipwrecked at risk of elimination, one step from the final of the first of April? Here's how to go for the nomination...

In this semi-final, 25 march 2019, the competitors de the Island of The Famous have all been able to make their nomination in secret. Each castaway is repeated in the location specific to be able to write on a scroll the name to send to the televoting.

To begin, it was Marina La Rosa – the new leader of the week – who has decided to appoint Aaron Nielsen. Marco Maddaloni would have wanted to vote on Luca Vismara for the umpteenth time but decided to take the name of Sarah Altobello, because the former contestant of Friends could escape unscathed to the nth televoting.

Sarah Altobello rate Aaron Nielsen because she finds it a little interesting. The same can be said of Luca Vismara, which, according to him, tells how Aaron has lived in a half-paced adventure from castaway. Closes the voting is just the son of Brigitte Nielsen launches her vote against Sarah Altobello.

Three votes out of five, Aaron Nielsen the first competitor to go to the televoting. The second name is chosen at the discretion of the leader of the week Marina The Rose: with great ease, the woman chooses Sarah Altobello.

To summarize: the two castaways who end up in the last televoting weekly are the model of Aaron Nielsen and the showgirl Sarah Altobello. Who of them will enter with a light heart to the last and crucial episode of The Island of the Famous 2019? And who will drop out of the race a step away from the final bars?

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