The Island of the Famous 2019: Capparoni, Hampton and Taylor Mega to the televoting, who will emerge?


Published on Jan 25, 2019


The first episode of The Island of the Famous 2019 draws to a close and, with it, you have consumed the first nomination that is valid for the mass of the televoting of some shipwrecked. As is the tradition, the competitors this week are over at-risk deletions were chosen, in part, from the nomination made by the competitors, and a final name was chosen by the Leader.

Let's discover together who is finished in the televoting and from the hand of those who.

The time for nominations is open with the nomination of the Pirates: or the castaways that this week will live on the island more comfortable. The nomination of these competitors was made in secret. Demetra Hampton has voted for Luca Vismara. Taylor Mega has voted for Riccardo fogli. Kaspar Capparoni has voted for Aaron Nielsen.

The rest of the Crew had to do instead, the nominations are obvious, writing the name on a slate. From this group, Demetra Hampton has received the nomination of Aaron Nielsen, Luca Vismara, Grecia Colmenares, Riccardo fogli, sisters to the by-Line, Ghezzal and Marco Maddaloni.

Kaspar Capparoni has received two nominations: Sarah Altobello and – involuntary – Paul Brosio, that has made the name of the actor, hoping that no one had appointed.

The numerical superiority is overwhelming: seven votes in the first castaway to finish the televoting is Demetra Hampton; with you – because of only two votes – there ends also the actor Kaspar Capparoni.

The third name is chosen at the discretion of the Leader, that this week is the gieffina Marina La Rosa: the woman opts for Taylor Mega, that in bet is made the protagonist of a controversy, particularly strange.

To summarize: the nominations have sanctioned Demetra Hampton, Kaspar Capparoni and Taylor Mega as the three competitors in the televoting, and that in the next installment on Thursday, January 31, will risk elimination. Only one of the three will be eliminated: who will this fate after only a week of Island of the Famous?

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