The island of the Famous 2019: appointed 20 February, 3 women are at risk


Published on Feb 21, 2019


With the elimination of Giorgia Venturini, and that – to the surprise of Stefano Bettarini, who remain on The Island that is not There with Kaspar Capparoni, also this week, The Island of the Famous 2019 there was time for the nominations and for new competitors to submit to the televoting. Also this week we look at risk elimination three competitors: three women and a man. Maybe there is something wrong in this calculation? Not really...

This week the nominations were different from usual: a chain of saves the game from the new leader Ghezzal has decreed the six shipwrecked persons immune. All were submitted to the judgment of the nomination.

In detail, Ghezzal has saved the friend Marco Maddaloni, who has graced Jeremias Rodriguez. The young man has saved his sweetheart Soleil Is; she has saved Aaron Nielsen, who then spent with affection of Paolo Brosio. Except he also.

It starts with the nomination a secret: Marco Maddaloni and Jeremias Rodriguez vote the Sisters Mihajlović. Aaron vote for Marina La Rosa. Soleil oprta for Luca Vismara. Paolo Brosio choose Jo Squillo.

Continue with the nominations for the obvious: the Marina The Pink vote for Riccardo fogli. Sarah Altobello is the name Ariadna Romero. Riccardo fogli torna a vote for the Sisters Mihajlović and they repay with the same coin; also Jo Squillo and Luca Vismara to vote for one another. Ariadna Romero, finally, wants to send in nominations for Riccardo fogli.

Who ends up in the televoting? Nominations nominations leave no doubt: with three votes going to risk deleting Riccardo fogli and the Sisters Mihajlović. The third and last name is done by the leader, Ghezzal, who opts for Luca Vismara.

The Sisters Mihajlović, Luca Vismara and Riccardo fogli: who of them will have to leave The Island of the Famous next Wednesday 27 February 2019? But above all, if the feel (or will feel) to stay on The Island that is not There is challenging to the televoting Kaspar Capparoni and Stefano Bettarini?

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