The island of the Famous 2019 advances 3 February: Divino Otelma and Jo Squillo in the Palapa


Published on Feb 03, 2019


Missing now a few hours at the special third episode of The Island of the Famous 2019: the reality show hosted by Alessia Marcuzzi, together with the two who often appears on Alda D'eusanio, and Alba Parietti. Special because, abandoned for a moment of the appointment on the Thursday evening – the programme will be aired twice on Sunday evening (to dodge the Sanremo Festival in 2019). A move that allows the Island not to collide with the Sanremo music festival with the hope that the ratings for this third installment to grow with respect to the second, which was a real flop.

But what will happen in this new episode of before evening de The Island of the Famous 2019? Here are the previews

The episode opens with the conclusion of some matters that remained pending in the last episode: the four “prisoners” will be a double elimination; by doing so the two become a real castaways this edition of the program. For three days, the public house has been able to express their preference. Pass the round even John, accused of insulting sexist against Barbara D'urso?

There is also complete off of the shipwrecked real: the Leader Paolo Brosio has already named Grecia Colmenares; you will have to join at least a castaway named by the crew. Who will end up in the televoting with the protagonist of Topaz?

As already revealed three days ago, Jo Squillo and Stefano Bettarini landed on The Island of the Famous 2019 as competitors official. Jo Squillo would have to start with the other castaways, but – due to a bereavement in the family – will start his experience as a castaway this evening.

For Stefano Bettarini, instead, reality shows are certainly not new: it has already been ex-Big Brother Vip, Temptation Island Vip, Dancing with the Stars, and Jump – Tonight I dive.

Through a special round of nominations, all of the castaways will have to decide whether to keep on the Island the Divine Otelma, or the expansive Francesca Cipriani.

And precisely in this regard, in the course of direct discover – after three days of silence – in condition of the seventy-year-old Otelma after the blow inflicted by Cipriani in the course of the last test reward. What will communicate to the medical report the hospital? All we can do is follow the bet of the Island, which will air tonight. We also remind you that the fourth installment of the famous Island 2019 is not going to be aired Thursday, in the week sanremo, but will be broadcast next Sunday.

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