The Island of the Famous 2019: advances 20 February, Riccardo fogli was really betrayed?


Published on Feb 20, 2019


Week after week continues to decimarsi the number of castaways left in the game The Island of the Famous 2019: the reality show of Channel Five hosted by Alessia Marcuzzi. After the incredible elimination of Kaspar Capparoni and the most predictable of Yuri Rambaldi, the program has revealed to everyone the existence of a new island in parallel in which the deleted can feed a last hope to get back in the game: The Island that is not There, the former a Last resort.

But what can we expect in the next installment of Wednesday 20 February 2019? This evening, according to the latest advances, it will talk much of love and not only. It seems that, in addition to the formation of couples on the Island, and then also at the birth of the first truth, from Italy will arrive the wife of a competitor to talk about an alleged betrayal...

In this new installment, The Island of the Famous 2019 is tinged with gossip from the hairdresser. You will talk to, in fact, of all the heart problems that the vip have staged in the last week between a coconut, a peach, and the inevitable ruotona of the rice.

We're going to put your finger in the alleged liason between Jeremias Rodriguez and Soleil Sorgè. But also of a stroke of lightning Ghezzal for the beautiful model Ariadna Romero.

And speaking of gossip magazine-pink, in the episode aired on February 20, de The Island of the Famous 2019 there will also be the “horns”. Mediaset has officially announced the landing in Cayo Cochinos, of the wife of Riccardo fogli – Karin Trentini – who seems to have jumped on the chronicles of any blog for having betrayed her husband by taking advantage of its remoteness. Where is the truth? The woman will try to clarify the situation in a direct national...

In short, seen the ratings low, the authors of the program Mediaset are trying to bring everything to a size that is a little more gossippare, almost à la True. This editorial choice award Five Channel?

As The Island of the Famous would also be a reality show, do not miss the various moments of the game: we'll find out who will be eliminated from the televoting among the judoka Marco Maddaloni, the former friend Maria Luca Vismara and influencers Giorgia Venturini; we will see new leaders and new nominations, which will irreparably to risk deleting more new castaways. Remember that this week in the race for the title of leader, after the test of the ceramic bowl to keep in balance, there are Ghezzal and Ariadna that you compete then the title of the best.

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