The island of the famous 2018, the winner is Nino Formicola, in arte Gaspare: the ranking


Published on Apr 17, 2018


The winner of the famous Island 2018 is Nino Formicola, in arte Gaspare: the predictions of the eve are not denials, and the public chooses the person that has deserved more to win this edition of the reality show. 65 years, never a complaint, so much commitment, lots of chatter, but never a discussion of a violent, verbally. He said everything that he thought, told a story, his story. Probably because, unlike many of the other protagonists of this edition really had a career to speak of. Nino wins the final of the famous Island with a percentage of votes is very high, a bit’ as had happened last year, Raz Degan. Did not believe it, or maybe he pretend not to believe it because she never would have thought of being able to win a program to which not even wanted to attend, since he felt it was a show stupid and useless. In second place behind Nino a Bianca Atzei criticatissima by the public but also in the final, has been able to pull off the claws by winning a trial by fire that will go down in history.

First place goes to Nino, on the second step of the podium, piazza Bianca Atzei that came to shut up shut up in the final with his covenants, his tears. You will not be liked at all but he made his and won the second place in this edition of the Island.

On the third step of the podium is square instead Amaurys. For Mara Venier Perez was the moral winner of this edition, we don't think in exactly the same way. Amaurys was surely a good path, but in this edition of the Island, like other companions, he gave too many times the worse, has shown the worst things of his character and probably also why the audience chose to send him home.

Fourth in the standings Francesca Cipriani-who will probably pay once again the mechanism of the toys stupid that you can do in the final. The Corpse was forced to go to the televoting against Gaspare after he lost the trial, during which it was in couple with him. Probably if she was in the televoting with White or with Amaurys, it would have arrived later.

Fifth place, well deserved for Jonathan in the direct as usual, with the dialectic enchants all, but anyone who has followed this edition of the famous Island knows that Jonathan is also another...

We close with a bitter note: we have discovered the name of the winner of this edition of the reality show at 2 in the night, a shame.

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