The island of the Famous 2018, Stefano De Martino there is

Published on Oct 31, 2017

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Finally the production of the Famous Island of 2018 has chosen the new envoy, the one that will collect the baton from Stefano Bettarini not confirmed in this role. After a long wait fans of Stefano De Martino were satisfied because it will be their dancer neapolitan to board a ferry to Honduras, and live for at least a couple of months to the side of the competitors that will participate in the next edition of the reality show.

The confirmation came almost simultaneously from the advances tv's weekly ‘Today’, which, however, will be on newsstands on Thursday, November 2, and from the blog give for certain the choice of Stephen as the future emissary of the reality of Channel 5. The name of De Martino in fact, circulating for several months, but had never been formalized, and in the last few weeks had entered the ballot with Daniele Bossari, very much appreciated for what he is doing inside the House of the GF Vip 2017. In the end, however, it will touch the ex-husband of Belen Rodriguez that is so, however, will be forced to give up, at least for the next year, the commitments as a dancer in episodes of the ‘evening’ of Friends where he had been called by Maria De Filippi. Will, however, continue to follow the boys of the school at least until February as the Island of the Famous 2017 should begin in early march, shortly after the conclusion of Big Brother 15.

Occupied the box for the sent, remain free of all other reality, once again, hosted by Alessia Marcuzzi. As a pundit in the studio could return to Mara Venier, already seen in the past alongside of Alfonso Signorini, while among the competitors were done, many names, even if for the moment no one has yet confirmed his presence.

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