The island of the famous ' 2018 news: Nadia Rinaldi feels the give of the fat and sends everyone to that country


Published on Apr 04, 2018


Island of the famous 2018, the trash is served but not eaten. Understand why to conduct a reality show to a host that does not feel the extreme need of the ladder, and that it is devoted to a single deity, trash television? Let's imagine of it, why a host will be dedicated to this religion would of never made it pass unnoticed the words of Jonathan that accused Alessia Mancini have said-mache and horns of all, from the words against Nadia Rinaldi cited as the chubby, the words homophobic which, if spoken by Giulia de Lellis in other contexts, would be served to a public trial with a lot of running. A host that wants to give the audience what the audience of a reality tv search, never would have closed the issue with two words, even if, at the end of the episode they missed 5 minutes. Why so: when the wave arrives the you rides, when there is meat to the bone, you spolpa up at the bottom. And there were all the cards to play a game of truly winning since in the studio, after hearing the words of Jonathan, a rightly offended Nadia Rinaldi, sent all of the country and spoke of the [email protected] covering of the competitors.

And instead of nothing...But after this premise, which was of obligation, understand what is successful. As we have already told, Jonathan has decided to make of the confessions, recounting some of the confidences that Mancini would have done away from prying eyes. In reference to Nadia, Mancini would have said, according to the story of Jonathan: “the anger of the ex-fat guy that they take with the lean”.

At this point, then the word is passed to Nadia Rinaldi commented:

They are really sad, the game is good while it lasts. You did see that as it gets a nomination I feel like a bullet, a torpedo in that place, and came up with the worst of the worst of all. Today you have the opportunity to be sincere until the end, play by yourself, because you have made a group where the poop has covered, and what we have seen is despicable

And seen that the Rinaldi has been able to continue talking without anyone in the back, also added:

And however, I would like to inform you that I rage because I have lost I don't have one, and I'm very happy, and I say to all the people who have weight problems treatment at centers competent. [...] I am coming to the Island to prove that a woman fifty years old, and I wish all of you get to fifty years with thirty years of the trade that I carry behind, you can always start over. And stay in the race with that of twenty and thirty, and also with that of 65 ( speaking of Nino), who is a wonderful person and is making his path

Then without a microphone, but with the direction that lingered still on his face, Rinaldi has sent you all to that country with a lip that was easily understandable, “Go to hell...”.

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