The island of the Famous 2017, Rocco Siffredi and confession spicy Raz Degan

Published on Mar 13, 2017

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Last Tuesday evening – march 7, 2017 – a bet really interesting Island of the Famous 12. Among the many things that happened, one of those which has most struck the audience was the arrival of Rocco Siffredi in Honduras, to add a little to the situation. The former contestant, who had participated in the last edition, has landed on the island of Cayo Paloma and was immediately struck by the privacy of Raz Degan.

The pornstar has had the opportunity to talk with Malena just about of the sinking that so much struck him. According to him, the man is not at all as bad as they seem to think his companions, but has only one attitude a bit childish. The true strategist edition, always according to the words of Rocco, it would be none other than Samantha De Grenet. Is she that competitors should keep away from.

But we come to the interesting part. Rocco felt very in tune with Raz, so as to have close with him a beautiful relationship of friendship. He then tried to push it several times to get closer to his companions, but the director of israeli's do not really want. Then arrived the moment of his confessions: "Raz explained to the pornstar to his point of view. “Just, how many movies do you want to do? Do you want to get to the guinness book? But enough of that, enjoy your life,” says the castaway. Unsettling the response of Rocco: “my problem is that I enjoy just being there!”.

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