The island of the Famous 2017 Raz now is dictatorship


Published on Mar 23, 2017


The island of the Famous 2017 Raz now is dictatorship. Perhaps the castaways are passed from the frying pan into the fire? It is not clear if the change of “direction” of some shipwrecked is a strategic, or if they wanted to rebel against King Julius and Queen Samantha, however, the equilibria are completely changed.

Life on the Island, Homo Sapiens is rather difficult. The biggest problem is always the focus. Samantha is tired because of the shifts and ask for the help of Nancy and Malena to do mid-night with Julius.

Giulio Base, but rather annoyed cites Raz Degan when referring to the group: “He said: you are under dictatorship, now.” Raz is not the riposnde even, and speaks to Nancy in a low voice, then move away between the trees.

Giulio sees this and gets upset, so Nancy makes a bridge between the two. The reports that Raz would make him the turn of that night.

Samantha and Julius are not in agreement, and recall that they have always decided by a count “so nobody is unhappy”.

Simon then asks who will do the double shift and a voice in the dark (Raz) screams “Samantha and Julius make it two.” Simone laughs but Julius is always more preocupato and says: “you Really want to be under the dictatorship?”. Raz, meanwhile, continues to give answers from a distance, and speaks of the royal family fall into disgrace. Giulio increasingly enraged invites Raz to go to him to cut off her head.

Then Giulio, promises in front of all of that, if things go well, then he will not eat the rice and not look at the fire while not to be under the dictatorship.

Then Simon speaks with Raz and at the end he meets the rest of the group to announce that he would do him the round, Malena and Nancy are in agreement and Julius calm, declaring that so it is democracy, because the decision was taken together. Raz does the night shift.

But as soon as you wake up, Samantha and Julius decide to move away from the group.


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