The Island of Peter 2, plot the fourth episode of 11 November: the death of Vanessa

Published on Nov 03, 2018

Next Sunday aired the fourth episode of the drama on Channel 5

New appointment dedicated to ‘The Island of Peter 2’, the successful tv show with Gianni Morandi, Lorella Cuccarini and other great actors. What will happen in the fourth episode airs next Sunday 11 November 2018? Here are all of the advances.

The previews of the fourth episode of ‘The island of Peter 2’ will bring with it a series of questions. First of all, will wax the future of Elena and Alessandro. Recall that in the third round, and the daughter of Peter has discovered that he's expecting a child. The woman, however, now seems not to want to confess to Alexander. The couple, in fact, in recent times have had so many problems after the accident, Catherine. But, unfortunately, the suspicions of a possible betrayal make you feel bad, Elena, who seem to want to move with caution.

The spoiler of ‘The Island of Peter 2’, also reveal that the young Catherine will be in total confusion. The grandson of Peter, in fact, after having started to go to school, will be in knowing that an eye doctor may be able to give back to the view.

Will return to review and have a normal life as before? In the meantime, in the island of Carloforte will continue two investigations are different. In the first there will be developments on the murder of julia Channel. In detail, it will be the discovery of the stolen property at the home of Walter Stone. While the other survey will be the death of Vanessa Silas, the young man is found dead after he had been issued an alarm about his disappearance. The two surveys will have something that links them?

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