The iPhone XR will have a transparent case made by Apple


Published on Oct 12, 2018


When Apple announces a new iPhone, start selling the new enclosures dedicated to that model. With the XS and XS Max have been introduced new colours for existing homes, but the imminent iPhone XR will be in the iPhone “for everyone”, and apparently Apple has decided to produce and sell a housing official, to be completely transparent.

Cover TPU transparent are those most widely sold and used by users because they cost little and will not compromise the design of the smartphone. Well, it seems that the company has decided to produce an original for the iPhone XR.

You are reading it within the official press release of some Countries. For example, this is the press release canadian:

Apple-designed accessories for iPhone XR including a clear case will be available starting at 55$ (CAD)

Apple has started the production of homes since the iPhone 4 with the Bumper, created to address the matter of the Antennagate. Then, starting from the iPhone 5S has started to make the cover leather and the ones of silicone. The new transparent case Apple doesn't seem to be so cheap after all. The figure corresponds to 36,50€, which will at least 39,99€ with taxes and all the rest. Unless special features exclusive, we will provide you, however, of the alternatives equally valid, but much more economic for a plastic case.

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