The iPhone might be banned from Italy because of the design of the law Quintarelli, already approved in the house


Published on Jun 23, 2017


Hostile times for Apple that could have blocked sales of iPhone and iPad in Italy because of a new law. The leaders are dumbfounded and miss comments.

Italy may soon put an end to the iPhone, iPad and other Apple products that would be banned from the Country if approved in the Senate, the bill Quintarelli. It has already been approved in the house, the bill makes illegal all the closed systems that do not allow free access to software, content and services. Apple has managed to create a closed ecosystem with products that interface with each other and this could give rise to the announcement of the iPhone in Italy.

The bill has been wanted by Stefano Quintarelli, a historical expert of the network, which repeatedly intervened against the giants, tech to ask for the payment of taxes in Italy. Now his law is much more radical. In article 4, in fact, explains that users have the right to use – on a fair and non-discriminatory terms – proprietary software, or open source, content, and the legitimate services of their choice.

On iOS devices you can install software only through the App Store, this also belonging to Apple that limits the freedom of choice and of source free.

The news that this bill has already been approved in the Room, supported by the 5-Star hotel, was greeted with great concern by the leaders of Apple and comment: “Will we need to make a mobile phone specifically for the uk. Or block our”.

The concern came up in Rome between the supporters of Renzi and the PD that have seen it in the past to tighten a agreement with Apple that led to the birth of the iOS Developer Academy in Naples. The supporters of Renzi declares “the purpose of the law, may appear righteous, but if applied only to Italy, will produce a distortion of the market is enormous and incomprehensible.” In other words, if applied only to Italy, will lead our Country in a situation of increased discomfort instead of comfort. “It would be more correct to wait for the definition of precise rules european because digital services do not have national boundaries”.

Of course we will continue to follow this story and will update you in case of news.

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