The Inspector Coliandro tonight on Rai 2: Iva Zanicchi in the cast with Giampaolo Morelli


Published on Nov 14, 2018


Continues the great success of the tv series and fiction house Rai: just finished Doctors 2 and don't Tell My Boss 2, this time it Rai Two to bring up in the name of RaiFiction with the ninth season of The Inspector Coliandrio, the serial crime, played by Giampaolo Morelli. In this new season will only be four episodes, that will be relished by many vip guests in the cast, but also in the quality of figures special. Discover more information on The Inspector Coliandrio 2018, reminding that the first episode of this season will be on the air today November 14, 2018 on Rai 2.

The Inspector Coliandro, you know, is a guardian of the law rather sui generis and also this time you will find to deal with criminals of every kind succeeds a little for his strength of will and, at times, even for a pure mistake. The series, which this year celebrates 15 years since its birth, celebrates the ninth season, with a rich cast, including: Paul Sassanelli (Gamberini), Giuseppe Soleri (the friend Gargiulo), Veronika Logan (the Deputy prosecutor Longhi, Alessandro Rossi (head of the Teams Mobile De Zan), Catherine Silva and Benedetta Cimatti (co-workers Bertaccini and Buffarini), Luisella Norari (the expert the deputy leader of the science police).

The protagonists of the episode will be even Iva Zanicchi (in the role of a fearsome boss of the army of the whip), Francesco Pannofino, Claudia Gerini, Serena Rossi, Gian Marco Tognazzi and Paul Calabresi.

The Inspector Coliandro 2018, our protagonist will be struggling with the terrible japanese mafia: the Yakuza. The plot will be around key characters and events suspects: will meet again Giacomino, accused of being a serial killer; there will also be a murder of a young singer smooth. We will investigate on the mysterious disappearance of an illegal immigrant destined for the caporalato.

In the first episode of The Inspector Coliandrio 2018, the young phd student, Kayo is a witness of a merciless execution. The girl runs into Coliandro, who decides to protect her. Kayo must find a shelter to his brother Kenzaburo: a man arrived from Japan as well as the former repented of the Yakuza, the japanese mafia, who is hunting for both of you. Coliandro and the two children of oriental origin will form a dream team which will try to put down these powerful opponents...

The appointment with the first episode of Inspector Coliandro is for this evening: at 21,20 on Rai 2.

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