The Inhumans: here's the entire cast of the TV series including Lockjaw!

Published on Mar 05, 2017

With one last ad you complete the entire cast of the TV series the Marvel-ABC The Inhumans

After the announcements of the last few days, with the entrance in the cast Iwan Rheon, Anson Mount, and Serinda Swan in the role, respectively, of Maximus, Black Bolt and Medusa, that, behold, Marvel and ABC have released the full list of actors who will take part in the TV series.

Ken Leung (Lost) will be Karnak, and cousin to Black Bolt, and his trusted adviser. He has the gift of identifying the weak point in all things, people, plans, structures, everything. It is the most ardent supporter and strategist for the Black Bolt and the philosopher and tactician of the royal family.

Eme Ikwuakor will play Gorgon, also he is the cousin of Black Bolt, a member of the royal family and leaders of the army of Attilan. Can generate seismic waves destructive with ease. It has a character opposite to that of his cousin Karnak. Prefer action to diplomacy.

Isabelle Cornish will be Crystal, sister of Medusa and the youngest member of the royal family is Inhuman. Has the ability to control the elements. Independent and impulsive, he has a real devotion to his family.

Mike Moh will be Triton, the cousin of Black Bolt. It has the ability to live underwater. Extremely calm and rational, has an extraordinary physical agility.

Sonya Balmores will be Auran, leader of the Royal Guard of Attilan. It is able to perceive any the word on which it focuses at any place, be it spoken in the world, and to locate the exact place.

Ellen Woglom will play, however, a character still shrouded in mystery. Intelligent, intense and so concentrated that its social relationships are affected. His work for a private company aerospace is the whole of her life, second only to his passion for everything related to space and the Moon.

Lastly, it was confirmed Lockjaw, the giant dog Crystal heavy 900 pounds with the ability to teleport.

The story is focused on The Inhumans (The Inhuman), ndividui genetically superior to human beings, created through experiments by an alien race to be used as weapons. They have evolved their own society parallel to that of the human hiding among the peaks of the Himalayas in a city called Attilan. Their existence remained secret for millennia, has become known in the Marvel Universe thanks to the constant cooperation of the Royal Family is Inhuman with superheroes such as the Fantastic Four, the Avengers and the X-Men.

The series The Inhumans, which will debut in September 2017, will see the first two episodes (broadcast exclusively on ABC and in theaters IMAX, and then continue on the television network that will broadcast the entire series.

Source: Marvel

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