The Immortal Hulk: the conclusion coming closer and closer?


Published on Feb 23, 2020


Advances official published by Marvel in respect to the numbers of may de “The Immortal " Hulk” speak of a final. We are truly in front at the end of this successful series?

Hulk will receive a “happy ending” or at least this is what they recite the advances, but probably this hypothetical happy ending will not be anything of what we already expect. To follow you can view the covers and the synopsis, contrasting the numbers in question!

Immortal Hulk #35 with the script of Al Ewing, the drawings of Mike Hawthorne, cover by Alex Ross. The comic will also be available with the dark variant cover.

“The war with the Minotaur is over, and a grateful humanity knows who has saved them all. Will the Shadow Base to come out of the darkness? Will the world be able to trust Bruce Banner? Will never be a happy ending... for the IMMORTAL HULK?”

Immortal Hulk #36 with the script of Al Ewing, pencils by Joe Bennet. The cover was illustrated by Alex Ross. The comic will be available also in the dark variant cover.


What actually means this final metaphorical? There will be a real conclusion to the story of the Hulk or are we facing a revival of the head? If this were so, the rumor recent regarding his raise would be reasonable. The different voices of the corridor would be own by Rich Johnston, an insider of Bleeding Cool.

“I was told that in the original plans, the conclusion would have been with the number 25, but the sales team and editorial staff have decided on the agreement that the series was gaining too many readers and positive comments and like the goose from gamma rays, you could not kill. Then was granted to the series to continue uninterrupted. For now. However, in 2020, there will be a reason why The Immortal " Hulk need to change his name. And for that you'll have a new #1...”


The Immortal Hulk: the conclusion coming closer and closer? is




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