The Immortal Hulk – Marvel explains the reason behind the change of personality


Published on Nov 20, 2019


Since his debut in the comics occurred in the late 1962, the character created from the mind of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby has had a troubled history. Visually inspired by Frankenstein, the writers who have attempted telling the stories of the Hulk have had to deal with two personalities, that of Bruce Banner and the Hulk.

Inspired by reality and people who suffer from psychological disorders, one of the first writers to introduce in the comics of the Hulk, the concept of multiple personality it was Peter David, a factor that has made the Hulk a very interesting character, and that continues to fascinate even today, the writers who are currently working with the serialization of the green giant as our To Ewing.

In fact, on the actual pages of the Immortal Hulk jumped into the air with a new shocking theory about anyone who has been mutated by Gamma radiation in the Marvel Universe.

Attention! The article may contain spoilers from the Immortal Hulk #26!

According to this theory, the mental instability that comes from the mutation may be even more serious than that of which you believed previously. Also, it would seem that the cause of all the mental disorders behind the transformations of the Hulk come directly from Bruce Banner.

The number 26 of the famous Immortal Hulk focuses on the negative consequences of the declaration of Bruce Banner, the details of his plan consisted of an attack directed at all the people who have committed crimes rather than serious to obtain more money and profits. While Amadeus Cho discusses with the Banner mentions for the first time, “The Syndrome of the Hulk“. It would be a theory that explains how Doc Samson is due to the energy range that has been granted by Bruce to persons changed as She-Hulk. Probably the energy it has absorbed some elements of the psyche of Bruce Banner.

Before becoming the Hulk, Banner had suffered from the Disorder-Dissociative Identity, and the irradiation would have allowed one of the different personalities present in his mind to form beings such as the Hulk. The explosion of that bomb, which has transformed into the Hulk would have allowed some of the personalities of the mind of Bruce Banner to free themselves, taking complete control of his body and of his mind. For this reason, the Hulk has had several changes over the years such as Joe Fixit (Hulk Grey), Professor Hulk and the Green Scar.

As explained by Samson, the basic assumption of the Syndrome of the Hulk is that the receive the powers from the Banner inevitably bears elements of his Disorder Dissociative Identity. With this Marvel, he explained, because anyone who has ever turned into the Hulk has undergone a change of personality.

In the same way, this would explain the reason why the people who would become the Hulk would grow a new personality. It is because of the Syndrome that in Amadeous Cho, a result of the mutation showed his darker side. While Samson has understood the cause of the recent changes of the personality of Jennifer Walters. Even the same Samson was evil during the event, “The Fall of the Hulk.”

However, Doc Samson briefly mentions a hypothesis terrible. Anyone who is reading the magazine, knows that The Immortal Hulk is exploring the connection between the Hulk and One Below All this, a mysterious and powerful evil being. Only recently it was discovered that the latter is closely linked to the creation of the monster jade and pushed him in the past to become the destroyer of worlds that we know of. Bruce was already suffering from the Disorder, Dissociative Identity, but there were some major changes in his personality following the accident. Consequently, if the Banner is not the cause of the Syndrome of the Hulk, it could all be attributed to One Below All. Could even star by manipulating the Banner to create a dangerous chain of negative events in the Marvel Universe.

One Below All may be the real cause behind all the different personalities of the Hulk's seen in years. But this means that the Banner is spreading the infection, and the One Below All other heroes. Cho, Samson and Walters could be in danger because of their connection with Bruce Banner.

Inadvertently Bruce has become a threat and is spreading one of the big evils that The Marvel Universe has ever seen. It would seem that he has become what he always tried not to be.

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