The Immortal by Hiroaki Samura, manga sequels and important announcement incoming


Published on Apr 25, 2019


The number 6 of the journal of the seinen manga Afternoon of Kodansha announced that a sequel to de The Immortal (Mugen no Juunin, Inhabitant of Infinity) by Hiroaki Samura, will debut May 25, 2019 to the next number of the monthly.

It will be called the Mugen no Juunin – Bakumatsu no Sho (The Inhabitant of the Infinite – The chapter of Bakumatsu), will be written by Kenji Takigawa and designed by Ryu Suenobu and supervised by the master Samura.

The sequel takes place in the period Bakumatsu (the second half of the 19th century), and will have the protagonist Manji, direct from the fief of Tosa, where he had lived isolated, to the capital for a certain reason. They will play with the strongest warriors of the era.

The number 7 of the magazine also will publish an important announcement on the original series.

Below are some preview pages:

Hiroaki Samura has been serialized by The Immortal inside of the Afternoon from 25 June 1993 to 25 December 2012 (30 volumes). In Italy the series was published by Planet Manga.

From the manga it was an animated series made for tv in 13 episodes, aired between 14 July and 29 December 2008, and a live action film directed by Takashi Miike in 2017.

Source: ANN

The Immortal by Hiroaki Samura, manga sequels and important announcement in the arrival of




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