The HYPE: By now allows us to pay bills and bulletins from our smartphones!


Published on Jul 17, 2018


The family of the payments with the HYPE becomes more and more numerous! From today you can pay bills and bulletins with HYPE, conveniently in the app.

All you need to do is enter in the Payment section and choose the type of newsletter that you want to pay:

Subscribe to the HYPE and are using the application. Once you have chosen the type of bulletin you pay, you have to do is complete the fields with the info requested, and then tap on “Continue”.

In the case of the bulletin premarcato is all the more simple: point the camera of your smartphone the stamp of the post office and the bulletin will fill in automatically!

Before completing the operation you can check all data of the bulletin a summary screen, including the commission. Total transparency, as always.

A tap on “Confirm payment” and you can immediately see the transaction in your list of movements.

Here is a table with all the bulletins that you can pay with HYPE, and the corresponding commission.

With HYPE you can pay for everything conveniently in the app, without having to leave the house to go in the mail or at the tobacconist's :)

Still don't have the HYPE? Sign up Now from this Link and receive 10 $ bonus within 7 days from the first charge (even $ 1). All you need to do to get the€ 10 credit is enter the coupon “GIFT10” in the appropriate field during the registration phase. You can also register from your smartphone by clicking here.

After signing up to the HYPE, inside the app you will find a section “Invite your friends”. If you invite 5 people, get a Good Amazon 50€ and you can continue with many other people accumulating Good!

HYPE is a rechargeable card, really fantastic, both for the things it lets you do both because you can get it for Free, no expensive fees, nor maintenance. Reload HYPE is free, as are withdrawals. The most beautiful thing is that it works with Apple Pay so it is very useful for users who have a current account at a bank that has not yet acceded to the payments system Apple and now allows you to pay bills and bulletins. So what are you waiting for to subscribe?

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