The hunter from the 14th of march 2018 on Rai 2: plot, cast, and history


Published on Mar 02, 2018


The Rai is preparing to broadcast another fiction that much, despite the many slippages in the schedule. We speak de The hunter, a fiction set in Sicily and tells us another glimpse of the struggle between the good and the bad, between the mafia and the men of law. The debut was planned for the end of February, then for the Monday evening. But the date of the first episode of the hunter has been postponed again: the fiction make its debut on march 14, 2018 in prime time on Rai 2 with the first episode. The Hunter – loosely based on the true story of the magistrate Alfonso Sabella, recounted in the book Hunter Mafia – tells the story of Xavier Baron (Francesco Montanari), a PM in the early 90's, just thirty years old, becomes the protagonist of the game for the mafia in the season immediately subsequent to the massacres of Capaci and via D'amelio, where you lose your life judges Falcone and Borsellino. A PM who puts on his knees the whole mafia, corleone, by sending behind bars hundreds of mobsters.

THE HUNTER HOW MANY EPISODES ARE THEY? We will follow the six episodes formed the 12 episodes were broadcast on Wednesday on Rai 2.

The STORY OF THE MAGISTRATE BRAVE– That of the magistrate, the protagonist of the fiction, is a climb done by intuition, instinct, and ambition, which begins on the day that Xavier, PM emerging
the prosecutor's office of Termini Imerese, decides to report you to the boss, the Savior Donà (Vincenzo Pirrotta), suspected of collusion with the mafia. A choice that is likely to nip
forever the career of the young PM, but that ends up attracting the attention of Andrea Elia (Roberto Citran), the new chief prosecutor of Palermo, who offers to Xavier to join his anti-mafia pool.

Baron, from one day to the other, is projected in a new universe, one that is attractive and dangerous to the public prosecutor of Palermo is the youngest, the least experienced, and colleagues more big to the deal with sufficiency; they call it “cacanidu”, the last bird of the brood and the first, usually, to leave the pens. But Xavier knows soon show their talent and earn the right to face the absolute evil, the day on which he is assigned the investigation of Leoluca Bagarella (David Coco) and John Sharp (Edoardo Pesce), a mafia boss accused of hundreds of murders, the mind and the arm behind the murder of Giovanni Falcone and responsible for the kidnapping and detention of Joseph, Matthew (Anthony Avella), twelve-year-old with the only fault being the son of a repentant mafia. A daily confrontation with the horror that inevitably leads Xavier to himself in his obsession to destroy all that is good, in time, has been able to build around
itself: starting from the relationship with Jade (Miriam Dalmazio), who only a few months before has given him a daughter, Charlotte.

The Hunter is the story of the descent into hell of a young PM, but in parallel also tells about the private of those bosses feared that Xavier gives the hunting. Leoluca Bagarella, Don
Luchino, the supreme head of the mafia in palermo, for example, it is said that despite the huge power, he lives the pain of not being able to conceive a son with his wife, Vincenzina
(Roberta Caronìa). You dig then in the rancour of Giovanni Brusca, who is uncomfortable with his eternal condition of a fugitive and dreams of building a castle – villa of Borgo Molara – and
undermine Bagarella from the throne of boss of bosses. It enters finally in the subjective Tony Calvaruso (Paolo Briguglia), a young driver, Bagarella that operates under the illusion of being able to live and get rich thanks
the mafia, without having to dirty your hands and conscience. A series, in short, that it is not just the story of a hunter, but it is also the story of her prey.

In his mid-thirties, ambitious, instinctive. As a boy he played armed with a rifle in the woods of Bivona, the country of his birth, and the instinct of a hunter is what guides him still today
in his job as a PM. The last arrived in the anti-mafia pool, despite the initial distrust of colleagues, you earn early on the field, stop after stop, the investigations on superlatitanti Giovanni Brusca and Leoluca Bagarella, the murderers of Giovanni Falcone and the kidnappers of the little Giuseppe Di Matteo. Bring home this child, who died on the same day of his entrance into the mafia, becomes the obsession of Xavier, a ghost for which the PM ends up doing scorched earth all the suffering that he has around him.

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