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Published on Jan 13, 2019


In the eighties Jim Shooter, editor-in-chief of Marvel, did much to innovate and modernize the heads of the publishing house, highlighting new authors and promoting initiatives in the publishing field at the time unusual. One of them was the Marvel line's Graphic Novel, focused on volumes of large format that featured longer stories, those published in the traditional comic-book, often characterized by atmospheres narrative experimental. Many of them were, however, dedicated to the famous Marvel superheroes, presented, however, in a way that is much more sophisticated.

Panini Comics is offering a graphic novel, from the many years nowhere to be found. This is The Big Change and has as protagonists two of the heroes most important and amatii of Marvel, the Thing and the Hulk. As a fan knows that, the two monsters have had since the sixties, a difficult relationship and troubled. Among them there were the contrasts, even if they sometimes worked together. It is precisely on such details that tip Jim on This, screenwriter of the story.

The legendary author of Captain Marvel, Warlock, Infinity Gauntlet and other masterpieces, however, presents us with one of his typical stories dark and disturbing, as you would expect from him. No, The Big Change is an adventure hilarious and fun, the demonstration, then, of his versatility. It is no wonder because, every time he could, This he tried to show works of art by the comic tone and bizarre (this is the case, for example, Warlock & The Infinity Watch), but those who do not know this aspect will have a happy surprise.

This, then, deals with Ben Grimm and Bruce Banner. By a lucky chance the two meet, but what may seem like the prelude to one of the usual fights turns out to be something completely different. Without spoilers, specific only that the Thing and the Hulk will be involved in the machinations of an alien who has a certain interest in them. This does not give up its proverbial visionary and sets up a plot full of monstrous creatures, writing texts and dialogues, irresistible, and giving life to absurd situations and paradoxes (keep in mind the one where the Hulk tries to convince a group of monsters of the goodness of his intentions, with the effects of comedy, incredible).

Since The Big Change, as I have written, teems with monsters, is appropriate in the presence of the great Bernie Wrightson as an illustrator. The late artist of Swamp Thing, Frankenstein, and other masterpieces of horror, the acclaimed Master of the Macabre, is perfect for a work of this kind. Its the typical style of the comics, creepy is an effective counterpoint to the humor of the story and the result is outstanding. The dynamism and plasticity of the designs of Wrightson are of a great standard and the Hulk and the Thing, in the end, despite their monstrosity, they appear tender and nice.

The same applies for the other creatures that on the one hand are certainly frightening, but on the other laughter. Bernie, also, conceives of the villain in the story as an amazing amalgam of the two protagonists and the first huge shot that shows him he can not leave anyone indifferent. The tables are very detailed, often of large size, and really make justice to the incisiveness of the script.

In short, The Big Change, as I stated at the beginning, is a work of high level which for too long was missing in the libraries. Don't miss it. Really is worth a read.

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