The housing of the AirPods could become a speaker Bluetooth


Published on Apr 18, 2018


The housing of the AirPods, in addition to the normal charging function, could “soon” become a cash Bluetooth.

This is what emerges from a patent filed recently by Cupertino in which we read:

A case for an electronic listening device wireless (for example, a pair of wireless headphones) is configured to accommodate a pair of wireless headphones and charge the headphones when they are in the houses. The case is then further configured to receive the audio received from the wireless headset, transmitting to an audio system is not wireless connected to the case.

According to the patent would then be possible to transform the homes of the AirPods in the system, the Bluetooth reception.

The system may also operate in the reverse fashion. A housing AirPods connected to an existing audio system may send the audio directly to the headsets via Bluetooth. The homes could be placed some of the keys for playback.

The article in The custody of the AirPods could become a speaker Bluetooth comes from iSpazio.




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