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Published on Jul 21, 2019


The long-awaited third season of the television series the Spanish original Netflix House of Card (here is my review of the previous season) is finally available for viewing for two days; also in this case, all 8 episodes are released at the same time, in order to allow the most dedicated fans of the series spararsela also suit in one breath.

In regard to the skeleton of the plot (I won't go into details to avoid spoilers, so I will limit myself here to mentioning only the events already shown in the trailer for the third season of the series, which you can find just below), after being able to get out alive, even if with some loss, from the blow to the Brand of State by the Spanish, the bandwidth of Dali is divided to try to continue to escape the forces of law and order. But something goes wrong... the Purpose of the suicide mission this time will not, therefore, take possession again of a quantity of the surreal of money (if, perhaps, there may also be further enriched, however, why not do it?), but bring in except for Rio, who has been arrested and is being held captive somewhere in the world, and certainly not if you are doing well...


Many have expressed their concern about the use in the series of the anthem of the Italian Resistance to nazi-fascism Bella Ciao (an aspect on which, however, I'll focus more in a special article in this separate), however, it is easily understandable why this choice was made: from the point of view of the robbers, in fact, in this circumstance, more than ever, this is not, as I have already mentioned, to subvert the system by seizing a mole absurd of printed money directly into the seat of the State Mint Spanish, but the fight against the system manifests itself, albeit through a robbery surreal, with a purpose quite different: to save a fallen comrade in the hands of the enemy, an enemy that no scruples also in the employ extreme measures like torture. The fight is then against a corrupt system that does not have scruples even in front of obvious violations of human rights.

But this is only the point of view of the band: in fact, it is simply a narrative device used in reality as an excuse to set up another shot ever attempted before. In short, in this third season of House of Card more than in the previous two, there is a clear dualism between the facade from revolutionaries to fight against a system that is rotten from its foundations, and the irrepressible urge to rob the coffers of the State, which leads the viewer to ask more and more often: these guys really care about fighting the system, or is it just an excuse to cloak their own companies with a veil of heroism and does not admit openly to be only of the robbers?


Attack the coffers of the Spanish State, the primary objective of the first two seasons of House of Card, it now becomes just a gimmick to make a mess and attract attention once again on the Dali, that after the company at the Mint of the State have become particularly popular and well-liked among the people, while the main goal is to find out where hold prisoner Rio and find a way to be able to finally release and let it return along with the rest of the band.

It will not be an easy undertaking, and in addition to the need to be able to make this yet another robbery of colossal size, you will also see the increased use compared to previous seasons of firearms and explosives, which makes the series more close to the genre more purely action.

With regard instead to the narrative technique, we opted this time for a rhythm piecemeal, which will lead to frequent time-jumps in more or less recent past, which have the purpose of revealing the floor plan, at the appropriate time, the roots of the events that are happening in the present. This is so that the rhythm of the narration is always very dynamic, really a good choice for a television series of action such as this.

Certainly will not miss the shots of the scene, on which, indeed, The House of Paper is always great reliance, however, as in the other two seasons, it is impossible not to notice some exaggeration, that make the narration a little less fluid and realistic as you would have us believe.


For the Spanish series original Netflix is a good product of entertainment and enjoyable to watch, thanks to the performances of the actors and the pace of the narrative is always tight, because of the forcings in the very structure of the narrative, you lose that sense of realism, which strives to maintain.

The open ending leaves it clear that it is in the plans also the construction of the fourth season, so all we can do is wait for more official news about it and a little bit of time to discover how he'll manage the bandwidth of Dali is enriched by the arrival of some new members, but that runs the risk of failing in its great undertaking.

The third season of the Spanish series, The House Of Paper is available, along with the two that precede it, on the streaming platform to charge for online Netflix.

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