The horoscope of the April 2017 – all the signs

Published on Mar 08, 2017

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Back to the monthly column on the signs of the zodiac, and a good read!

The days of the next month you find with some news on the professional level, you just have to wait and see what it is. Health will be on your side but do not take lightly the changing of the seasons.

Doubt any person in this moment is close to you, this will take you yourself away and take a little time for yourself. Use it to give the right role and the right place to the people who orbit around your life.

In the next month maybe you'll make some interesting meeting, it's all about go and must search, so you can be enterprising, take to flight opportunities and do not be too timid.

Too many discussions in the family in the long run are likely to prejudice the relations, and this is not good. In the next month, you'll have to count repeatedly up to ten to avoid quarrels and keep the serenity in your home.

Those born under this sign will go through a period of restlessness general, that will be the leit motiv for the whole of April; not demordete, it can happen to anyone and you will not be sure you the only. All is ask for help to the right people.

April will give you the opportunity to spend a little more to your passions, take the time you need, and cared more for yourself. Thinking of others is nice but sometimes you also need to stop a little for not trascurarsi too.

Small misunderstandings will be the protagonists in your relationship, all surmountable with a bit of dialogue and the intention to always be truthful. Trust the person that you love and do not regret it.

You want to do some small investment, but you have to be really sure not to jeopardize the economic stability of your family. The single will be able to make some interesting meeting in the second part of the month.

The watchword will be “team work”, both in a professional environment in your home, you will be called several times to collaborate to an important project. The harmony will then be the basis for you to spend April in a positive manner.

You'll be perhaps a little tired and exhaust in the next month, but this should not affect you: the capricorn often has need of moments all for himself, and if April is one of those moments, it is only right that I take. Those who are around us will understand.

If you expect a very important decision, not be swayed too much by people who would like to choose in your place. You are the masters of yourselves, you have all the right to do as you think better.

The change of the season could be felt, try to prevent illness with proper precautions. On the job things will continue in a positive way, but beware of sharks, ready to rend you.


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