The history of Desireè drugged, raped and murdered by the pack: San Lorenzo mourning his death


Published on Oct 24, 2018


The history of Desireè could be the story of our daughter, our friend, our sister. It is the story of a girl who lives in a country without rules, where it is possible that in a district of the capital, there is a stable abandoned where anything can happen. Not a quarter any. We are located in San Lorenzo: it is the district of University students, is the district of the romans of the older generation, but not only. From San Lorenzo, every day, passing dozens of agents, Police, Cops: steps of forensic Medicine, walking distance to the Verano cemetery, a few steps one of the most important hospital of Rome. Yet it is the district of degradation, where the university students denounce the fear of going out in the evening. It is, or perhaps was, at this point, the neighborhood of the movida university. It is the neighborhood that has seen the death of Desireè: drugged and raped by the pack. The same neighborhood today demands justice, and promises that this story will not be forgotten.

The story of the girl in the Cistern, which comes to the forefront of the national news thanks to tv, thanks to the work of a journalist of the Italian Stories, Vito Francesco Paglia, who has been following this story since the beginning. It is the story of a young girl of sixteen years who is no longer there. It is the story of a guy who has seen it all and that today tells, just to that journalist, what would have happened to the small. In the Italian Stories, two witnesses have spoken. One of them is a boy from senegal who explain to have witnessed the violence: “I was there. They have drugged and raped“.“I arrived there between midnight or half past midnight, " he added, the man – I walked in and there was a girl screaming. I looked at the one who was screaming and there was another girl on a mattress: they had put a blanket up to the head, but you could see the head. I don't know if it breathed, but it seemed already dead, because the other girl screamed and said that he was dead.”

The story continues: “there were africans and the arabs: a few people in seven people, or six, next to Desiree there was also another girl who, according to the testimony of the senegalese, “was Italian: I am also thinking of was a roman, spoke the roman”. This second girl, according to the witness, “shouted, who had raped, then she has also taken some drugs because there that sells the drug. Was drugged because she was sixteen years old. From what she said were three definitely or four.”

“I went in and she was dead, inside there were the african and Arabic” witness " shock collection by @vito_fra_paglia on the case of the girl #dead in #ROME in the San Lorenzo area.#storieitaliane @eleonoradaniele @RaiUno

— storieitaliane (@storie_italiane), 23 October 2018

Words that are confirmed by the tests on the body of the girl was first drugged and then raped.

“This padlock was put only on Monday!” @eleonoradaniele on the case of the death of Desiree.
The lock of the shame, could have contribute to save a life?#degradation #rome #storieitaliane #domesticviolence @RaiUno

— storieitaliane (@storie_italiane) October 24, 2018

And while searching for the perpetrators of this atrocity salt the rage in the neighborhood. In via dei Lucani speak to the retailers: for the fear they have put the grating and the students that live in the area, to easily reach the university, explained that the 22 starts a sort of curfew.

But the history of Desireè is also another: it is that of a young girl at the age of sixteen he left his city, Cisterna di Latina, and part to Rome, in company perhaps of her cousin. Tell, the people who knew her, which he did often. Also tell that it was not the first time that the girl was sold to get drugs. Only the voices of the people, or something real? Talk about all this after the death of a girl is atrocious, because you know, the respect of a family should and must be respected. But it is clear to all that Desireè, that evening, was not to be there. Like all girls of her age, had to be at home, he had to be in a place that would be protected, not deleted.

No justification for those who has broken this life, the only certainty of the punishment, hopefully. The mother of Desireè he knew how to secure, at the home of a friend, and instead, his daughter had taken a train to Rome, a train that brought her to the station of death. The questions remain and the answers may do much harm. Now, however, only justice to the small.

“I want to go to San Lorenzo in this building where a girl was raped and killed. It may not be a den of drug dealers and a girl can not die, raped in the heart of Rome“. He has said it on Rtl, the deputy prime minister and minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini.

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