The Heritage of Horror: The Doll Killer to Annabelle


Published on Jun 22, 2019


The fear of dolls is so ancestral that it has earned with time a scientific name: the Pediofobia. And as all the ancient fears over the years has been courted, exorcised and made iconic by film art, as only the big screen can do.

There had already been examples of dolls cursed before 1988, when Don Mancini wrote the subject for Tom Holland and for the production of United Artists. But if it is true that the iconography of modern is primarily based on the twenty years ’70-’80, then, historically speaking, we cannot fail to recognize The Doll Killer (in the original Child's Play), the forerunner of this particular strand of the horror genre.

And this is the very first film that gave life to the worship of Chucky, which was the subject of a reboot that is already in our cinemas from the 19th of June last: The Doll Killer, directed by Lars Klevberg with Aubrey Plaza and Gabriel Bateman, produced by Orion Pictures (the other production house legendary to film buffs of the West) and distributed in the market of ours from the Midnight Factory, the label horror is the property of Koch Media.

On the occasion of this must-see movie event, we retrace the legacy of the creation of left-handed, which over the years has been a source of inspiration for the birth of other disturbing dolls and the like.

James Wan is definitely interested in the dolls creepy, having not only personally introduced to Annabelle in The Conjuring Universe but he also created Billy the Puppet, or what is perhaps the emblem of the saga of Saw (the first chapter, Saw, in 2004, was his long debut). As if that wasn't enough, in 2006, the director, malaysian has written and directed a movie specifically about dolls, Dead Silence, citing himself and his previous film calling Billy the puppet “protagonist” of the work. Billy is one of the hundred dolls owned by the dummy evil Mary Shaw, and represents the fulcrum of power. The movie is not a James Wan to its maximum potential, but just have a look at the creepy puppet for imprimervela in the head for always. Among other things, to close the circle, the same Billy the Puppet in the franchise of Saw appears in a cameo in the personal collection of Mary.

The order of the original Doll Murders, the response of the canadian to the success of the horror of Mancini remains to this day unique given that overturned the concept of pediofobia film, presenting a dummy with the measure of man, where in the majority of the film focused on dolls cursed are proposed always and only puppets to the child. The plastic that comes in Who is at the bottom of that scale ..., among other things, does not possess any faculty of the paranormal or malignant, given that the protagonist is the only one to believe that he has. The speech of the director Sandor Stern is particularly interesting because, in adapting the novel Pin by Andrew Neiderman, seems to want to theorize as the fear of dolls is, in reality, only in the heads of those who are attracted.

Puppet Master is perhaps the horror movie with a doll assassin, the most famous born after the release of the Child's Play and by the end of the ’80s, saga has returned with on a regular basis until 2017 thanks to the foresight of the producer/director/screenwriter Charles Band, from the film directed by David Schmoeller has been created a real saga, made up of sequels, spin-offs and crossovers. In the course of the years, this franchise gave the proposals a lot of, from the Jester to the Six-Shooter, from Mephisto to Dr. Death, from Pinhead to Tank (if you don't know the series there is practically a whole mythology to expect, made up of the spells the egyptians, psychics and of course, toys killer, with a history that stretches back through the thirteen movies and a time span of more than a hundred years from 1902 to 2018), but among all them the most recognizable and well-known is, without a doubt, Blade, with a knife in his right hand and a hook sharpened on the place of the left.

We have already mentioned before and, in terms of iconography, since its debut in 2004, for the most part of the century of course, no doll has been able to compete with Billy the Puppet in the franchise of Saw created by James Wan. On the screen was never called with this name in any movie of the saga, and technically it's not even a doll, an assassin, since he never did anything if you do not deliver the messages left by the perverse Jigsaw ... and yet, his entrance in the original film of the series, when it emerges from darkness at the crotch of his tricycle, remains one of the most moments, more strong and visually successful in the panorama of the horror of the twenty-first century.

A Spin-off but also a prequel to the first, extraordinary The Conjuring (which is also his first appearance on the screen), Annabelle, John Leonetti has done, over twenty years after the birth of the saga of " The Doll Killer, what no other film and/or the franchise had failed to do: bring the horror to a mass phenomenon. After Chucky, there is no doubt that it was this specific and macabre porcelain doll to become the puppet imagery horror film from the most famous one in popular culture (even non-fans of horror know). The younger generations associate the concept of pediofobia only and only to the unsettling puppet created by James Wan, who, among other things, the peculiarity of this evil – and worry – and always remained motionless.
Chucky, that finds its foundations in the cinema slasher, in this sense, will offer a dynamic new the audience today, and who knows, maybe it will be this difference, claimed the success of the.

Reboot de The Doll Killer is now in programming in Italian cinemas!

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