The heart is not enough for the Luino-Maccagno, and to the Union of Three Valleys: the derby ends 0-0

Published on Feb 20, 2017

A game of a male and a draw, all in all, just yesterday afternoon, in the derby of alto Varesotto, between the Luino-Maccagno and the Union of the Three Valleys. Obvious the highest quality of cugliatesi, especially in attack, but Old men and Arioli were terrific in the first half. In the second half, however, a few scoring opportunities. Over all, great performance for Lucchini, Ahmed and Roman on one hand and, on the other, Bellini, Londino, and the two central defenders, Bosetti and Gilardi. A point that still holds is open in the lower part of the ranking. The heart is not enough for the Luino-Maccagno, and to the Union of Three Valleys: the derby ended 0-0. The match began in front of a large audience and in the first ten minutes are few opportunities to network, from one part to the other. The game is mainly developed in the mid-field with great contrasts and physicality. There are many errors in the construction of the game, both for the luinesi, both for hotel guests, thanks to the strong intensity of the teams in the defensive phase. It is the tenth that the Luino try to get to see the front. This time, Gilardi at Ambrosetti, the concierge pressed by Ancelliero to nothing, but the bomber luino area, does not hit well the ball goes toward the side-line. The Union of Three Valleys committed Vecchietti with an easy shot of Ambrosoli, from the distance. The Luino to play his cards and he succeeds, at least in these first few minutes, can be seen in the opposing area, and never trouble the keeper. The first is Lucchini in strike from the left, a ball on which Fusco and Ancelliero not come to us, and then it's Valley that puts you in the middle, the defence clears, the ball ends up on the feet of Lucchini that sends little to the side of Ambrosetti. The same script, a little later, a couple of advanced Fusco, Follis, and Ahmed, who serve Ancelliero, always closed by the two central defensive cugliatesi. The 21st is good just Fusco to fly on the left wing crosses into the area, but, once again, get none, and Bosetti is quick in sending in the corner. The first real opportunity of the guests happen on the foot of Binda that the 26th unleashes a swing that finishes high above the bar. On the 29th, however, the match may take a different turn. Corner wrought evil in the luinesi, quick restart of the Union of the Three Valleys, the ball, Ambrosoli, that you free good and Arioli is forced to foul from the limit. Free-kick for the guests. The ball goes Dozzio, his missile is diverted by a good blow to the kidneys of Old men who go the ball on the crossbar, on which it pounces Ambrosoli head, but Arioli on the line performs a miracle that is worth a goal, putting the ball in the corner. The Union of the Three Valleys and salt, thanks to the work of Bellini and Londino in the middle of the field, and once again it is good Old people to thwart the advantage cugliatese: Ambrosoli is sent in depth, after a ball lost badly in half by the hosts, but his shot is rejected by the far corner luino area. Nice action of Luino 37th with Lucchini, who, after having recovered the ball, launches Ancelliero in a sprint towards the area, lying badly by Gandini who, on this occasion, is also warned. The bomber luino area should be on the ball, but hits the ball badly and ends high. The most recent occasion, before the end of the first half, is on the feet of Diana, after the recovery of rome, the wing luino area is advancing on the left, falls and shoots on goal, but the ball only gives the illusion of a goal, finishing on the external network. You should be so to the rest, with the score at 0-0, after two minutes of recovery. The second time. The second time is definitely less spectacular than the first, the teams tired and the few real scoring actions. So many errors in the last step, both for the luinesi, both for hotel guests. To the 55th is Ancelliero to hit the head of the penalty area and Fusco on the left, but the ball just high. Salt Ahmed, already in the first time he had shown character and grit, with only a few small imperfections. It also increases the intensity and the voltage and the referee is forced to blow the whistle often, thus breaking the pace of the game and the show, so many fouls, disputes and protests. The 62esimo Vincenzi making a double exchange: enter Mancuso and Tansini for Grosset and Dozzio. Four minutes later enters Raiser that takes the place of Fusco. Game chopped, a little football and a lot of physicality. The 75th, however, is the Union of Three Valleys can be seen from the parts of Old men, but Bellini for a little while, it comes. The 75th out Jack to make space for the Brugaletta, while the whirl of changes continues with the replacement of Diana for the Square. Here, besides the great performance of Bellini, we highlight the stoicism of Lucchini in the middle of the field. The captain luino area from the 70th begins to struggle with cramps, but this does not prevent him from being on the field for 90 minutes and continue to fight for every ball, showing great character and sacrifice, also trying to the conclusion towards the end of the match, giving the battery its revenues and recoveries impeccable. To the 80th and to the 87esimo, however, is Ambrosoli wasting two opportunities for the benefit of the guest. The match closes here, after the five minutes of recovery granted by the referee. A point to both teams who showed that they never give up and to deserve the first-class, grit, intensity, and amount of game produced. If the Three Valleys holds five points ahead of Lancashire, with a game more, He and his companions are always fighting for the salvation. Will be important the next match, on Wednesday evening, the recovery Valceresio and Sunday against the Vanzaghellese away. Luino-Maccagno: Vecchietti, Arioli, Roman, Vallone, Vigezzi, Lucchini, Ahmed, Follis, Ancelliero, Diana, Fusco. Available: De Giorgi, Pozzino, Carroll, Bosetti, a Square, a Raiser. All. De Berardinis. Union Of Three Valleys: Ambrosetti, Gandini, Bosetti, Crosti, Gilardi, Bellini, Grosset, Dozzio, Ambrosoli, Londino, Binda. Available: Lucisano, Mancuso, Tansini, Corleto, Brugaletta, Martellacci. All. Vincenzi. 21st day of the tournament In the First Category, Lombardia. Antoniana – Solbiatese 3-0, Belfortese – Guanzatese 0-0, Gerenzanese – Arsaghese 1-1, Gorla Maggiore – Fagnano 3-2, Luino, Maccagno – Union The Three Valleys 0-0, Mozzatese – Viggiù 3-2, Saronno Robur – Valceresio Audax 2-9, Vanzaghellese –Cas Sacconago 2-3. The ranking of the First Category, Lombardia (Group A): Guanzatese* 48, Belfortese 44, Valceresio Audax* 41, Cas Sacconago* 36, Fagnano and Arsaghese* 35, Gorla Maggiore* 34, Anthony* 29, Vanzaghellese 24, the Union the Three Valleys** 21, Solbiatese 20, Viggiù 19, Mozzatese* 18, Saronno Robur 16, Luino-Maccagno* 14, Gerenzanese 12. (* game, ** two fewer games)

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